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Acne Home Remedies You Need to Know About

acne home remediesAcne is a common skin condition characterized by the inflammation of the sebaceous glands that usually involves pustules, comedones, or plugs. Acne typically affects young adults and shows up as an eruption of pimples, mostly on the face. However, you can also develop acne on your back, chest, and even arms. There are two types of acnes: inflammatory and non-inflammatory. In the case of inflammatory acne, the pustules have turned red and highly inflamed. Non-inflammatory acnes are those in which oil is trapped below the skin surface. This ends up forming white heads or blackheads depending on the scenario.

Causes of Acne

Acne can be caused by bacteria, hormonal changes, emotional levels, and the usage of certain beauty products.

Bacterial causes of acne: Below our skin resides a bacterial called propionibacterium. It basically helps protect our skin against harmful bacteria that come from the outside. When these foreign bacteria develop inside the oil trapped in a hair follicle, it turns into a chemical process that causes inflammation to the skin. The inflammation is essentially a way of the body to eliminate the irritating compounds generated by the bacteria

Hormonal causes of acne: Androgens are hormones responsible for the secretion of oil below the surface of the skin. During the course of puberty, there’s a material amount of sebum production. If pores get clogged by a collection of skin cells, then the sebum is trapped, causing acne inflammations.

Emotional causes of acne: Puberty is not the only thing that increases the production of sebum. Stress is also a culprit

Beauty products cause acne: Many beauty products contain oil compounds mixed with petroleum derivatives which are used as preservatives. Well, these preservatives actually cause a build up of toxins which end up clogging your pores. Always make it a note to check the ingredients of your beauty products. Anything that contains a load of chemicals you can’t pronounce should be a no no.

Home remedies for acne

Now that we know what acne is and what cause it, how do we use alternative medicines or herbal remedies to treat or prevent it?

Aloe Vera: This is an excellent skin healer…one of the best available and it is also very affordable. Aloe Vera is highly anti-inflammatory, and as a result, repairs your skin cells. As such, it helps the skin to heal itself quickly. When purchasing your Aloe Vera cream, ensure that you are buying one that does not contain chemicals. Go for the certified organic versions

Benzoyl peroxide: it contributes to skin turnover, which helps clear pores and reduce bacterial count. Apply it on the affected areas and let it dry. Some people however be sensitive to it and can therefore experience itching or peeling. If you do, then use the next home remedy below

Tea tree oil: If you are allergic to benzoyl peroxide, consider trying tea tree oil. This oil not only has a pleasant smell, it also destroys acne-causing bacteria. Ensure to use tea tree oil, only topically, as it can cause severe side effects when swallowed.

Neem oil: Another essential oil and acne home remedy, neem oil suppresses the multiplication of the harmful bacteria by binding your skin cells. As such, it’s great for acne, but also eczema and psoriasis.

Final Thoughts

Natural health is the best avenue, when you are determined to fight your acne. The majority (if not all) of the pills and chemically-laden products you see in the market are expensive, ineffective, have side effects (or worst, a combination of all of the above). So stay away from the chemicals, and instead give a try to these home remedies.

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