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Battling Chronic Pain and Weight Loss

Chronic PainDid you know that some people cannot lose weight because they struggle to get moving? It is a common problem and one that many women and men can relate to. If you are on a weight loss journey like so many others, you may dread the diet food, calorie restrictions, and workout plans. However, you know you need them to drop those pounds. At the same time, for some, exercise equates to pain. How can you even think about dropping that extra weight when it hurts too bad to move?

Weight and Joint Health

Often, those struggling with chronic pain suffer in the joints. The joints are connection points between two bones in your body. Imagine a hinge moving back and forth on a door. If the hinge was not there working properly, the door and the doorjamb would rub together causing friction. This would cause damage to the edge of the door and the surrounding molding. The same happens in your body but with the bones of these joints.

When you add weight to the mix, you get increased pressure on those joints. For example, the joints of the knees have to support far more weight than they should. As a result, the joint wears down leading to chronic pain in those areas. However, it is not just the joints of the knees affected by excess weight.

Muscle Pain

For some men and women, chronic pain is not bone related. Rather, it is related to the muscles in their body. There are many reasons for this including hormone imbalances and nerve damage. Yet, weight adds to the problem and makes it much worse. If you have tightness or stiffness in your body, those muscles get overworked and tired. They may even have significant damage. Carrying around extra weight makes it far more difficult to manage day to day activities than it should be. Your chronic pain is likely to worsen under the strain of added weight.

How Can You Exercise When It Hurts?

It is a catch 22 – you need to exercise to lose weight to reduce some of your pain but exercising causes more pain. How can you do it? The good news is there are ways to get your body moving that will not do additional damage or worsen your chronic pain. Here are some suggestions.

1 – Talk to Your Doctor First

The first thing to do is to discuss your case with your doctor. Ensure your chronic pain is managed the best possible way. Secondly, focus on getting approval for physical activity. Discuss any limitations you may have to keep in mind as you are getting fit.

2 – Go Slow

Focus on activities that can improve your health in a slower fashion. There is no need to run. Walking is all you need to do. Even walking in place for 20 minutes is a great place to start. Avoid high intensity workouts in which you are trying to do too much too fast. Start out slow and work up to a tolerance level that is just slightly more than it was last time.

3 – Low Impact Works Best

For those with chronic pain, one of the most effective ways to reduce strain and pain on the body is simply to focus on low impact activities. If walking is painful for your joints, consider going swimming. It is a fantastic way to burn calories and adds no stress or strain onto your muscles or your joints.

4 – Don’t Do It Alone

There is no rule that says you have to exercise on your own. Studies indicate that those who exercise with friends get the best possible results if both parties are pushing the other to workout consistently. The motivation that you need to succeed could be this.

5 – Focus on Calorie Restriction

If you are still finding it hard to get results from exercise, make your first step calorie restriction. By cutting back on what you are eating, you will drastically lose weight. Aim for a significant drop in the number of calories you are consuming. Then, as you begin to lose some weight, start exercising.

Chronic pain sufferers can still get healthy. Doing so could even help you to pull off some of your medications. It will boost your health and quality of life, too. The first part is the hardest and that is just getting started. Do that and you will be on your way to see improvements in your health.

Author Bio: Aishwarya Vohra is an experienced writer and Internet marketer. She loves to blog on different topics and also offers SEO services to clients.

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