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Get That Perfect Beach Body with These Top Tips

Kodjo beach bodyWho doesn’t want to look great in a bikini? If you’re lucky enough to have booked a winter holiday this year, you’re going to have to get beach-ready now, even though summer is ages away. We salute you! Have the confidence to walk around on holiday in next-to-nothing, with these top tops for looking fantastic:

Hydrate Yourself

Keep a huge bottle of H2O with you at all times. You should aim to drink at least eight glasses of water a day, and your urine should be clear in color, otherwise you’re dehydrated. If you keep water on your desk all day at work, you’ll subconsciously drink it – Water also improves your concentration levels – bonus!

Eat Healthy

You may be fantastic at keeping up a daily journal, but leave room to write down everything you ate or consumed during the last 24 hours. Analyze your food intake and ask yourself how you can make it healthier. Avoid junk food or anything high in sugar and salt.

When you eat, nosh down slowly, as it allows your stomach time to digest your meal. Stop when you’re full. Don’t force yourself to clear the plate.

Don’t crash diet. Eat healthy and moderately. That means three meals a day with a few snacks in between your main dishes, like fresh fruit and nuts. If you starve yourself, your body will go into survival mode and store what you do eat as fat.

Care For Your Skin And Hair

Keep up a daily skin routine: cleanse, tone, and moisturize every day, making sure that you get off all your make-up before bed. Once a week, slap on an enriching face mask – your skin will thank you for it.

Wash your hair every two to three days; any more regularly and you’ll strip all the natural oils out of your locks. Where possible, avoid using heat on your hair, as it’ll damage your ‘do. Every now and then, apply a sleep-in moisturizer to your tresses.


Use a mixture of core and cardio exercises to both burn calories and tone muscles. Many people make the mistake of focusing on cardio to lose weight – not a good idea. If anything, strengthening workouts are more important – they’ll give you muscle definition and create a body that naturally burns a lot of calories.Here’s a great workout for you

Don’t worry; you won’t go hulk or butch. Women don’t naturally have the right body composition for bulking up without external aid. Strong muscles are the secret to slimness – starving yourself isn’t an option. Get on the weights and go for a couple of cardio intense sessions a week to keep trim.

Need help keeping to a healthy routine? Fitness holidays from ElectricBloom will help you every step of the way in a gorgeous, exotic country. You’ll return home slimmer and glowing!


If you think tanning is cool, then you’re not looking to the future. Tanning beds damage your skin, will cause premature aging, and can potentially cause several health problems. If you still want the tanned look, get a good self-tanner (not orange, girls). Best of all, slap on the sunscreen and keep looking healthy and young for decades to come – your natural skin color is beautiful.

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