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Here’s Why Walking is Critical for your Health

This infographic contains great tips to boost walking as part of a healthy lifestyle, along with some eye opening facts. For instance did you know that those who set themselves daily step goals have then been able to increase their physical activity by 27 per cent? Walking is good for the environment too! Find out how you could cut you CO2 by 86kg over the course of a year – greatly reducing your carbon footprint.

Can walking more even improve your work life? It’s easy to think of exercise as something that needs special equipment or clothes. Walking just needs your two feet. You can get the health benefits of exercise without having to squeeze into lycra or go to an overpriced gym. Walking is a thing we can do every day. Even if you start small walking is something that can get you places, quite literally as well as figuratively.

ways to keep walking

About the Author: Simon Grant is working in association with Bupa to help promote their commitment to wellbeing.

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