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Use Kettlebell Training to Get Yourself in the Best Shape of Your Life

kettlebell trainingWhat is a kettlebell?

What is a kettlebell, you ask; well don’t let the name scare you. A kettlebell is simply a cast iron exercise ball that has a handle attached to its top section. Think about it as a small bowling ball with a handle on the top. The design of the kettlebell is different from that of a regular dumbbell in the sense that the weight of a kettlebell is not distributed evenly, as it is in the case of a dumbbell. This pushes the user of a kettlebell to develop a stronger core, by counterbalancing and stabilizing his/her body.

Kettlebells range from around 9 pounds all the way to 105 pounds. If you are new to the kettlebell, start with a weight that you feel very comfortable with. For example, most women can kick off their kettlebell workout with an 18 pound bell, although some women (especially much older ones), should use lighter ones (say 13 pounds or less).

Who’s kettlebell training most suitable for?

People of all ages should get involved in kettlebell training. Kettlebell workout is great for strength training in the sense that it targets all major muscle groups and delivers an excellent full body workout experience in a very efficient amount of time.

Furthermore, the kettlebell is used for cardio as well. This tool guarantees to get your heart rate pumping, translating into major metabolic benefits. You can burn anywhere between 500 to 1000 calories during an intense kettlebell workout.

So, as you can see, a kettlebell program is suitable for both overweight and skinny people. If you are overweight, you will burn lots of fat with this type of workout. If you are already skinny, you will develop muscle mass, through the strength training ability of this exercise program.

Kettlebell is not just for women

Some folks are under the impression that a kettlebell is best suited for women. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is clear that women love the bell; but this workout equipment is truly unisex. It’s recommended that men start with a 35-pound bell or higher; however, most men begin with a 25-pound or even lighter weight and then work their way up. Use them regularly, and you will begin to transform your body.

Why does kettlebell training work?

There’s a lot of science that goes into the design of a kettlebell. But everything comes down to the following: the weight of the bell hangs a few centimeters below its handle, making it challenging to control. This compels you to engage your core muscles much more than when you use regular dumbbells or a curl bar. This extra muscle activity in turn helps your body to burn extra calories.

The kettlebell in the video below may not look like a cannonball, but it has the same functionalities as a regular cannonball-shaped kettlebell

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