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Learn How To Improve Your Golf Swing

How To Play Golf WellOne very spectacular aspect about golf is when the ball is able to fly straight. A professional golfer has complete control over the golf ball. He or she is able to manipulate the wind variances and swing faces to make the ball go straight or curved if needed.

Because each golf course is different, it is important to know the physics behind a flying golf ball. Understanding these somewhat complicated proponents of golf will help you with your own golf swing.

Understanding what happens during the slice

Slicing the ball is the term used to define when the ball doesn’t follow a straight path. Instead, the ball ends up turning direction and losing power. Most common players all do the same mistake, though there are some exceptions.

Typically, golfers start their swing with proper posture, but they lose the center of their balance during the swing. They allow their right arm and shoulders to perform most of the swing. This results in an inner motion that conflicts with the outer motion. These little details cause the clubs face to deviate. Now that you understand what happens to cause slicing, here are some of the common patterns caused by slicing.


A pull happens when the swing path isn’t 100 percent accurate. In other words, the golfer ends up shifting the club out of the desired position. The ball immediately deviates left but eventually flies straight.


Like the pull, the swing path is just not accurate. However, in the push, the ball flies right at first and then straightens itself.


A hook occurs when the club is closed face during the swing and remains closed during the impact. This causes the golf ball to curve to the left side. Depending on how closed the club is the ball may fly straight before starting to curve to the left.


The slice is the opposite of the hook. Instead of the club being closed, it is open during impact. This causes the ball to curve right. Again, depending on how open the club is during impact, the ball may fly straight before curving to the right.

How you position the club certainly has a huge affect on your swing. However, you must also be conscious of your arms during the downswing. Don’t allow your right arm to take over the swing. The swing should be in your left arm’s control.

You can practice keeping your right arm straight and steady by hitting a few balls at the range. You can even find great discount tee times to make the experience more enjoyable. I hope that you found this helpful and that you can all go out there and enjoy some American Golf!