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The 3 Most Critical Healthy Supplements You Need

healthy supplementsEven if you eat the healthiest meals, they may still not be enough to fill you daily quota of certain nutrients. In fact it has been reported that the large majority of Americans are deficient in critical nutrients and minerals for that particular reason. So what do you do to solve this problem you ask? The answer is: healthy supplements. Also, if you are just starting out with healthy supplements, these 3 should be on your list

High Quality Multivitamins

Let’s just start by saying truly healthy top supplements are difficult to find. Multivitamins are important healthy supplements because the “multi” in multi-vitamin fills the gap in your diet (regardless of how good you might believe your diet to be). This prevents you from running dangerously low on any essential minerals or nutrients your body need for peak performance.

In your search for multivitamins, systematically avoid anything advertized on television. They are completely worthless because they are mass-produced, and as such, are designed to have the bare minimum daily recommended intake (because of profit maximization purposes).

Instead, go for the high quality bioavailable multivitamins that are reasonably priced, and are tab-tested. One is the Ultimate Daily Support which was formulated by Doctor William Campbell. This multivitamin contains a wide variety of minerals, antioxidants, vitamins, amino acids, and enzymes, which are easily absorbed and swiftly bioavailable. Another one is Forward Multi-Nutrient, put together by Dr. Julian Whitaker, a pioneer in the orthomolecular field of research.

High Quality Omega-3

I know I keep mentioning “high quality”, it’s because there are a plethora of low quality “stuff” out there that you need to steer clear of. If you are looking for a high quality omega-3, go for fish oil. The DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) contained in omega-3 fish oil has been proven to slow your liver’s production of unwanted triglycerides. This function on its own highly protects your organism against heart disease and diabetes.

Furthermore, fish oil is a healthy supplement that is that contributes to the reduction of inflammation in your body. Inflammation is the source of many diseases such as cancer. I recommend you get your fish oil from marine phytoplankton, also known as micro algae.


CoQ-10 or Co-enzyme Q-10  is a nutrient produced by the mitochondria, which is the energy powerhouse within your cells. Make it a habit to take CoQ-10 supplements to boost your cells production and use of energy. CoQ-10 also helps your body burn fat, increase your physical energy levels, improve your cholesterol ratios, and speeds up your thyroid and pancreas functions.

As a side note (something to pay attention to), statins, which are the prescribed cholesterol reducing drugs actually deplete your body’s natural CoQ 10 resources. Statins basically suppress the production of cholesterol by the liver, where CoQ-10 is also manufactured. Without the presence of CoQ-10, statins can cause irreparable damages to the liver, not to mention irregular heartbeat, leg cramps and muscle weakness among others. Heart attack and stroke are also side effects of taking that drug.

As a rule of thumb, when you are shopping for CoQ-10 look for the label Coenzyme Q-10 or QH or even ubiquinol. Take about 100mg twice or thrice daily. Don’t take higher doses. Your body will be unable to metabolize them.

Final Words

Healthy supplements are not optional. They are critical in ensuring that your body performs at peak. Include these three above in your daily diet and you will be on your way to much (much) better health. If you are an active athlete, consider AstroNutrition as a source to get your healthy supplements

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