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The Right Kind of Fitness for Geeks

A geek is someone who is often considered quite nerdy and is typically known for playing video games and messing around with different pieces of technology, whether it is a laptop, computer, or the latest iPad. However, geeks can stay just as fit as the rest of the people around them, only they have an interesting and unique approach to doing so.

There are plenty of different devices that geeks can wear when they are preparing for their exercise routine. Some of these products include an iPhone 5 armband, Five-Toe shoes, and a heart rate monitor. These are just some of the devices that you may catch geeks wearing when they are trying to stay fit.

Geeks may also participate in their own forms of exercise, which may include a whole lot of indoor video gaming exercises. Believe it or not, some of these video games actually do allow geeks to work out and sweat enough so that they can stay fit. Some of the games include Just Dance 4 and Dance Dance Revolution.

Source: Geek’s Guide to Fitness

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