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Three Great Reasons to Practice Martial Arts

jeet kune doMany people watch kung fu movies or go to a martial arts tournament and become excited to learn Mixed Martial Arts, otherwise known as MMA. Fairfax, VA, for example, one of the sport’s capitals of Northern Virginia, is well known for its excellent schools, including Northern Virginia’s first mixed martial arts academy, Trident Academy. It offers a variety of styles for students of all ages and abilities, including Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Filipino Mixed Martial Arts (known in some parts of the world as Arnis or Eskrima), Muay Thai, Jeet Kune Do, or hybrid styles such as a combination of Combat Submission Wrestling and Kickboxing. Each year, countless students of all ages and abilities come to the area to learn the art.

As one of the best places to study MMA, Fairfax schools know that students have different motivations for learning MMA. Many people consider “knowing karate” to be cool, and knowing how to defend one’s self against attacks is definitely recommended in today’s increasingly dangerous world. However, aside from the obvious reasons to learn MMA, Fairfax schools teach more than mere fighting stances, punches, and kicks, and the benefits of MMA go beyond knowing a few moves and earning belts. Listed below are some major benefits that may not be immediately obvious.

You become stronger

The physical benefits of taking up the discipline are clear and well document. Playing a sport and regular exercise builds up endurance, flexibility, coordination, and speed, and helps the brain work more efficiently.  Studies have also determined that MMA improves mental strength, teaching discipline, fortitude, perseverance, and the importance of thinking before reacting. It also teaches that spiritual and psychological strength deserves equal attention. Respect for others, honor, sportsmanship, and an observance of balance and equilibrium help people become more centered and able to more clearly deal with the travails of life. So if you want both your mind and body to be as strong as Cat5e Patch Cables, you should take martial arts seriously

You become braver

Although knowing how to defend one’s self is undeniably important, when it comes to MMA, Fairfax schools teach that bravery is more than being able to fight off attackers.  Just as important is being able to keep a cool head during stressful situations and making good decisions. MMA is also a social sport; in addition to learning about sportsmanship and teamwork, team competitions help you trust other people and gain confidence in the strengths of others as well as your own.  Knowing that you have the strength and the ability to deal with anything that life throws, and that there are other people have you back can inspire you to try new things, travel to new places, and have new experiences.

You become happier

Through the years, many martial arts masters have become rich and famous through their abilities. However, the true benefit of practicing MMA is that it helps you lead a fuller and richer life. In movies, martial arts masters are always portrayed as old men who are both wise and tranquil. This is because when you are healthy, confident, and in touch with both the natural and spiritual worlds, you can live your life to the fullest and have inner peace.

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