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What is Green Living All About?

green livingIf you’ve ever wondered what green living was all about, then you’ve come to the right place. In a simplistic way, green living involves consuming what we need, while leaving plenty for generations to come. Green living includes some of the following:

  • Consuming a balanced and healthy diet with less meat (or no meat at all)
  • Buying as much organic and locally grown food as possible. That includes consuming home grown food as well
  • Cooking meals at home rather than buying meals at fast food restaurants
  • Wearing second hand or fair trade clothes
  • Using less energy both at work and at home (turning off the light in the bedroom when you’re going to watch a movie in the living room or vice versa).
  • Using modes of transportation that do not contribute to environmental pollution (walking, bicycle, electric cars, etc)
  • Recycling your beer cans and newspapers
  • Choosing paper instead of plastic bags (for your grocery shopping)

Green Living

So as you can see, green living is a lifestyle you adopt when you are looking to save the environment, and the earth’s natural resources. Living green means that you live an eco-friendly and responsible life. A green lifestyle emphasizes the minimization of your ecological footprint (i.e you don’t destroy the environment you are part of). It’s a way of life that teaches you about the use of alternative energy, the conservation of organic food, recycling, etc. Your decision of choosing a green lifestyle will positively impact the environment in the long run

Green Living and Personal Health

The topic of green living has been increasing in popularity as we start to deal with issues related to lifestyles that are destructive to the environment (such as severe weather). One way we particularly destroy our personal health is through the use of toxic chemicals that engorge our household cleaning products, and personal care items. For instance, did you know that most of your laundry soap and bleach drains out into the ocean? And because it is so toxic, it destroys the living organisms in the ocean.

Add to that, all the toxic air fresheners and personal products that our body absorbs on a daily basis! Even candle burning creates toxic indoor air pollutants…I bet you didn’t know that, did you?

So it is critical that we reduce our negative impact on the environment and on our own bodies. Green living is not just a choice; it’s a necessity!

About the Author: ShoptobeGreen is a small green products eboutique that carries products made out of organic, natural, sustainable, reclaimed, recycled and upcycled products in order to landfill contribution, unnecessary chemicals in our homes, and reduce natural resource consumption. This promotes a healthy lifestyle for all of us and the planet. Green Living with Style.

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