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What is The Zone Diet?

zone dietWhen you are in the zone, you feel full of energy. This is where the title of the Zone Diet comes in. The Zone Diet will retool your metabolism with a diet of 30% protein, 30% fat and 40% carbohydrates. The Zone Diet is supposed to prevent certain diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure. Even if you already have these diseases, you may be able to keep them under control by using the Zone Diet.

Foods you can eat on the Zone Diet

When using the Zone Diet, it is not recommended to eat fewer calories than you are already eating but different types of calories. You can eat a small piece of chicken breast for the protein on the Zone Diet. You can also take in some carbohydrates with your meal such as most fruits and vegetables, beans and whole grains. Make sure to choose complex carbohydrates with your meal. Try to eat egg white and egg substitutes instead of regular eggs. Also, try to choose low fat or no fat cheeses instead of fattening ones and milk as well.

Saturated fats are to be kept to a minimum but you can take in oils such as olive oil and macadamia nuts and avocados. The carbohydrates that are restricted include grains, breads, pasta and rice. They are restricted from the Zone Diet because they release glucose in the body.

On the Zone Diet, it is recommended to take in high fat desserts. This may be shocking but the high fat will slow down the rate the body absorbs the carbohydrates.

Pros of the Zone Diet

The Zone Diet is a low carb diet that encourages one to eat healthy fats, lean protein and some saturated fats as long as they are limited. It also encourages eating as much as 5 times a day with exercise and 8 glasses of water daily. The Zone Diet seems pretty easy to use and many people are able to lose the weight they want to while on it.

Cons of the Zone Diet

Although it is a pretty easy to use, the Zone Diet is low in carbs and therefore the body does not get the preferred source of energy which is glucose. The body, instead, burns protein for energy which in turn can harm the kidneys. Also, the Zone Diet encourages you to eat 5 times a day even if you don’t feel hungry. Planning your meals around the ratio can also be time consuming and you may get bored with it after a while. Although some of the foods from the Zone Diet can be delivered to your home, they can be expensive after so long.


Though it hasn’t been scientifically proven to work, it is left up to the individual whether or not it works for them. Some nutritional experts are for the Zone Diet while others are not for it. Some researchers have even put this diet on their accepted list of so-so diets.

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