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Without These, Vitamins are Useless

minerals and vitaminsYour body is an engine. When you are sitting, it is normally cruising along at a purr. When you are lifting something heavy or jogging uphill, your engine is working hard to provide the energy you need to accomplish the task. That energy comes from the food you eat—and that is why it is important to get the nutrients you need. Your body needs proper fuel. And minerals are a big part of that fuel.

You can’t make minerals

Your body needs minerals—chemical compounds derived from natural sources. They are necessary for life and health, but your body cannot manufacture minerals. They must be obtained daily from your diet.

Minerals originate in the soil. Plants absorb the minerals you need, then bind them to natural proteins and fibers. Your body is designed to get its daily supply of minerals in that form—naturally bound in the food you eat. For more information, take a look at the charts on this page about the Oligo effect.

Times have changed—where have the minerals gone?

“Modern” farming methods—monoculture, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, over-farming, synthetic fertilizers, soil depletion and such—have rendered our cropland all but sterile. In the not-so-distant past, people were able to get all essential minerals from the foods they ate. It has become almost impossible to do that now.

The vegetables you buy at the supermarket may look good, but they are only shells of what they used to be. Depleted soil cannot grow crops that contain the nutrients we need.

Vitamins are often mentioned as essential to good nutrition—and they are. Did you know this, though: Without minerals, the vitamins you take cannot be metabolized. Without minerals, vitamins are useless! You must not only get the vitamins your body needs for health, but you must get essential minerals along with those vitamins.

Without minerals, you are in big trouble

Your body is an engine. Minerals provide the spark that starts that engine and keeps it going. Vitamins and amino acids are part of the fuel. They are necessary, but they are not the entire system. Your body must have a sufficient supply of minerals in order to keep running. You don’t need a huge amount of minerals, but you must have them.

Essential minerals include: copper, selenium, iodine, zinc, iron, calcium, magnesium and others. Where can you get these essential nutrients, if you can’t depend on getting then from your food supply? That is why healthy supplements, once thought to be a luxury, have become of extreme importance to those of us whose diet may be loaded with food but woefully insufficient in the amount of nutrients that food supplies.

Which came first, the nutrition or the egg?

Look at it like this. Let’s say you go to the farm to buy eggs. The farmer has thousands of eggs, but it turns out that the chicken feed he (and every other chicken farmer) has been using produces eggs that are extra large, but almost devoid of nutrients. They will fill you up, but can’t provide the nutrients you need to survive. What can you do now? You need to eat—the kids are hungry—but they also need energy.

Thankfully, the farmer informs you he does have a few hens who have never touched the factory food. They have been eating free-range food, and their eggs are extremely nutritious. He doesn’t have many of those eggs, but he has enough to mix with the low-nutrition eggs in order to deliver sufficient vitamins and minerals to you and your family.

Now, that is a far-fetched story, but it points out an important principle. It is all but impossible to get the nutrients you need from the typical grocery store food shelf. If you are going to maintain optimum health, you must include those “special eggs.” You must take a high-quality vitamin and mineral supplement.

That is a sad commentary on our modern-day farming methods, but it’s true. Do what your mother told you to do; take your vitamins. Just be sure to choose a brand that delivers the goods. Do your research. Check out the concept behind oligo-fructose compounding. Find a company that draws from the best of science and the best of nature to deliver the essential nutrients your body needs.

Investing in your health is something you will never regret.

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