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2 Natural Hair Removal Techniques You Need to Know about

natural hair removalFor anyone who watched the movie “Sex and the City” would remember the quite funny line Samantha used on Miranda to describe Miranda’s overly generous bikini line (and I’m not using the word “generous” in a complimentary way either). For those who have no clue what I’m talking about, below is the excerpt.

For those of you ladies who chuckled at that particular scene in the movie, the reality is that hair removal is and will remain one of your top priorities, when it comes to overall esthetic.  The question is, if you don’t like going through the excruciating pain of waxing, what other natural hair removal techniques are you left with? Well without further ado, here they are:

First Hair Removal Technique: Threading

This natural hair removal method uses a twisted cotton thread to extract the hair from its follicle, in a line pattern. The majority of threaders anchor the thread in their mouths. A small minority of them make a figure 8 in their hands instead.

If you have frowned upon this hair removal technique under the pretext that it is not hygienic, there’s nothing to be worried about as long as you use the services of a professional. So the next time you are looking for hair removal in New York, ensure that the section of the thread in the threader’s mouth always remains about a foot away from your skin. By the way, I mentioned New York as a reference to the movie Sex and the City, which was shot here in NYC.

One positive thing about threading is that it takes longer for your hair to grow back, as compared to other hair removal techniques such as waxing. This is due to fact that the thread pulls tiny hairs that wax is unable to reach.

A negative thing about threading is that this hair removal method is designed solely for your eyebrows, ladies! Sorry, but it doesn’t pull any other hair. So for you gals who are looking to shape up your bikini lines in the comfort of your homes, you may want to learn about the next hair removal technique.

Second Hair Removal Technique: Sugaring

Before dashing into any place with the insignia “Brazilian waxing NY”, you should know about this homemade alternative called sugaring. The sugaring hair removal technique dates back to the Ancient Egyptian days and is done as follows:

Make a paste of sugar from 2 cups of sugar, ¼ cup of lemon juice and ¼ cup of water and heat it up at 250F degrees for a few hours. Then let it cool down to avoid burning yourself…then apply it on your skin using a dull knife or a popsicle stick…you get the picture. Cover up the applied sections with muslin cloth, let it settle for a few minutes and rip off the cloth in the same manner you would rip off a bandage for example.

To ensure the mixture is heated up at the right temperature of 250 Fahrenheit, use a candy thermometer.  If you want to learn a step-by-step process for the sugaring hair removal technique, watch the below videos. Good Luck!



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