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5 Tips to Make Your Skin Look Younger Than You Actually Are!

radiant skinPeople are always on a quest to find the secret for healthier and younger looking skin. Turns out, keeping your skin healthy is not all that difficult. Here are 5 anti-aging tips for naturally healthy and radiant skin.

Protect against the sun

Tanning may seem like fun, but the sun can do an awful lot of damage to your skin. Always ensure that you use sunscreen when stepping out on sunny days. Often, people make a mistake with the type of sunscreen they use. The effectiveness of sunscreen depends upon its SPF levels and your skin type; make sure you are using a sunscreen with a SPF level that is high enough to protect your skin. Sometimes, even sunscreen is not enough to protect your skin against UV rays. The best thing to do in such a scenario is to protect your skin from direct sunlight. Wear a hat or cap that can effectively shield your face from direct sunlight.

Improve your diet

It cannot be denied that following a healthy diet is crucial for healthy and radiant skin. A deficiency is certain vital nutrients can have an adverse effect on the quality of your skin. In order to help your skin fight aging, it is very important that your diet is rich in nutrients and anti-oxidants which are beneficial for the skin. Any food item that is rich in vitamin C is good news for your skin. Almonds and broccoli are also known to be great for the skin. Most importantly, always drink plenty of water and stay hydrated.

Plan out a fitness regime

Most people do not get how working out can be healthy for the skin. However, it has been proven that people with a regular fitness regime also have more healthy skin. Seniors who lift weights have skin that is noticeably younger and healthier than elderly people who don’t have a workout routine. Of course, we do not mean all out body-building. A workout routine can involve lifting small weights; enough to help tone the muscle. Muscle that is toned provides a strong base and helps the skin appear healthy and firm.

Try to eliminate stress

The most visible signs of aging on a skin are wrinkles. However, as we know, wrinkles aren’t always caused due to aging. The number one reason for wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyes is stress. Even if you indulge in healthy habits, such as proper diet and regular exercise, stress can nullify all the good work done by it. In modern times, it is impossible to live a stress-free lifestyle. However, every effort should be made to eliminate as much stress as possible. The less stressed you are, the fewer wrinkles you will have and the younger your skin will look.

Kick that smoking habit

Scientific studies have shown that smoking can play havoc with the condition of the skin. It was always known that smoking cigarettes is bad for your teeth and gums; turns out it is just as bad for your skin as well. Smokers are more likely to damage their skin so that it appears pale and patchy. As far as smoking is concerned, even the best anti-aging products can’t reverse the damage it can cause to your skin.

Follow these 5 simple tips and your skin will be thanking you in the long run for taking excellent care of it.

About the Author: Dr Michael Schiel is the author of this post. He works as a skin specialist providing useful anti-aging tips and products through his site www.mynewa.com.

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