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A Powerful But Simple 5 To 6 Day Workout Program For Adding Real Muscle

How to add muscle massThere are plenty of workout plans on the web if you know where to look, but a lot of them are either aimed at absolute beginners or are somewhat gimmicky. Not everyone wants to try an experimental new method or dedicate themselves to an intense new regime, and not everyone wants to start from scratch when they have a good idea of what they’re doing already.

In other words, for all the ‘insanity workouts’ out there, there is a lack of ‘standard’ workout routines for people who just want to add some muscle. If you’re happy with your current physique but would like to add some more mass/definition or you just want to try something slightly different it can be tricky to find any specific information.

If this sounds familiar, this workout routine is for you. It’s a basic program that doesn’t include any secret formulas or techniques and that’s well suited to anyone who has a good foundation of strength. Having worked with it for several months myself already though, I can testify to its power and effectiveness and whole-heatedly recommend it. Sometimes the simple ones really are the best.

The routine

The routine is split across 5 days with an optional ‘bonus day’ that I call ‘play day’ if you’re having a good week and have lots of time. While it’s split over five days though, it’s not designed to be attached to the days of the week – in other words if you find you miss day 4, that doesn’t mean you skip it until next week, you just carry on from day 4 when you next get in the gym. So it makes no difference what day it is, as long as you remember what you did last and where you are in the routine.

And this is what you’ll be sticking to

Day 1: Pecs

A simple pecs day. I personally use high intensity training and complete about 7 different pec exercises in 30-40 minutes.

Day 2: Biceps

Another simple day. Pecs and biceps are the two areas that many people want to work on most, so they get full attention right at the start of the program.

Day 3: Shoulders and triceps

Shoulders and triceps are a natural pairing because they’re both targeted with ‘pushing’ exercises, and things like dips, and close grip presses will hit both of these muscle groups. They’re on day 3 to give them some distance from the pecs on day 1 (which are also pushing).

Day 4: Lats and abs

Lats and abs go ideally together because pull ups and similar exercises are so effective at targeting the core. I use suspension straps and pull up bars and do all kinds of chin ups, pull ups, round the worlds and other bodyweight exercises on this day and my abs and lats take a battering.

Day 5: CV and legs

Here I do about 30-40 minutes of CV in order to not only burn fat, but also pre-exhaust my legs. After running/cycling for that time, my legs are jelly ready for squats.

Day 6: Play day

Play day is an optional ‘bonus’ day that has potential to be the best workout of the week. Here I pick something new or fun to try and that can mean beating up a punching bag, trying out the spin class, doing some kind of yoga or making a circuit around the gym. Challenges, new workouts and sporting activities all fit nicely into ‘play day’. You can even try the fun partner workout challenge below!

And there you have it, a basic workout program that is suited to the intermediate level and that anyone can apply to their lifestyle with great results. By tying together logical body parts and using a flexible system this is a logical way to train and by using short bursts of high intensity for specific areas it’s also very effective.

Of course diet is another article in itself, but essentially a good diet to accompany this or any similar workout is your current diet but with more protein and fewer carbs. Aim to use a protein shake or bar at least twice a day, and limit your deserts to the occasional treat. Again – simple and common sense works best so steer away from any diet fads or over-hyped supplements and stick instead with what’s proven to work.

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