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Cell Phone Radiation Health Impact and Available Protection

electromagnetic radiationThere’s a silent killer lurking in the midst of our society today. That silent killer is electromagnetic radiation emitted from our cell phones (commonly called smart phones).  We can’t deny that smart phones are everywhere these days.  And the concept of multi-functionality via the highly specialized apps that entertain us and add additional functionality to our daily lives does come with a price: electromagnetic radiation.

Electromagnetic Radiation is Harmful

We know electromagnetic radiation (EMR) is harmful not just because companies like Aires Technologies say so, but because countless studies including the World Health Organization (WHO) have also opined on this. Research has suggested that constant exposure to EMR has a harmful effect that manifests in a variety of ways, some of which can be very serious to our health.

Negative effects of cell phone radiation can include headaches, dizziness, increased stress, neurosis, insomnia and a variety of other physical and/or mental complications. Very often, these negative effects go unsuspected for months because we take our cell phones so much for granted. How could something so helpful (and often entertaining) possibly be harmful to us?

Electromagnetic Radiation and the Nervous System

But the fact is that electromagnetic radiation is bad for the human body. Just as the manufacturers of radios and various types of electronic communication devices go to great lengths to protect their devices from interference, the human body also has its own neurological communication and control system.  It’s called the nervous system, and it operates based on ultra-minute electrical impulses generated by the body to enable our body to function properly and coordinate all its many activities adequately.

Anything that interferes with the body’s command and control systems is potentially very dangerous. Studies reveal that these electrical charges are very, very minimal. However, a small dose is all that’s needed to create damage on the nervous system. The muscles and many various other organs of the body get their instructions from the brain via these very weak electrical signals. The electrical impulses which regulate cell phones are similarly small and perhaps that’s why ‘cross-signals’, in the form of these minute electrical impulses, between cell phones and the body make so much logical sense.

Aires Technologies and the Fight against Electromagnetic Radiation

One company which recognized the impending problem with EMR (electromagnetic radiation) is Aires Technologies. They developed a patented technology called FDL or ‘fractal diffraction lattice’, and puts that technology into a device called Aires Shield. Aires Shield is effective in neutralizing and normalizing the electromagnet impulses emitted by cell phones (and many other personal electronic devices) by up to 99.6%.

The Aires Shield works with cell phones, microwave ovens and toasters, digital tablets, and many types of hi-fi audio equipment. It simply attaches (i.e. adheres) to the device and the just sits there and does its job. That’s it.

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