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Faster Rescues with Air Ambulances

Air AmbulanceAir versus Road

In any life-threatening situation, a quick action must always be done in response. When it comes to such kind of condition, air ambulance is more reliable because it can respond much faster compare to a road emergency vehicle. In just a matter of ten minutes a rescue team will be able to reach the place of incident or the persons who need urgent medical attention.

Why Air Ambulances?

Air ambulances are specially furnished aircraft referred to as airborne intensive care unit. They transport patients from one place to another where they can be given the proper medical treatment. Air ambulances fly either domestic or international, if the patients need to be transferred abroad for a more complicated operation. This kind of aircraft is also beneficial for those ill persons who need to travel across the nation for certain purposes, their family are well assured that their loved ones are traveling safely with the medical team close nearby.

In action to medical emergencies, air ambulances are quicker to response than the road ambulances given that they do not have to deal with road traffic or any other incidents on the street that might block their way to the hospital. Air ambulance provides secured and speedy transportation over a distance that is simply too long for a ground ambulance. Air ambulance is also equipped with medical facilities needed for first-aid treatment and monitoring of sick and injured patients. Medically staffed aircraft have paramedics and nurses who provide medical treatment to the patients while in the flight. Medical attentions are always at hand while inside the aircraft.

Speed Makes a Huge Difference

When speaking of speed, ground ambulance cannot be compared to fast air ambulance. Depending on the type of model, air ambulance can travel to the speed of 140 mph to 560 mph. But whichever of the lowest and highest aircraft speed, this is still way faster than a road emergency vehicle. Air ambulance with all its experienced staffs and paramedics are devoted to standard procedures in times of emergency — getting into the scene of accident in no time, attending to the patients, then up again in the air at about 1,500ft to transport the patients to the nearest hospital.

Any life-threatening situation must be given with prompt attention. We’re talking about lives here so there are no excuses to waste any time even just a single second. For a critical situation, call an air ambulance for a faster rescue operation.

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