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Is Boxing A Good Body Workout?

Boxing workoutMore and more women are thinking of incorporating boxing moves and techniques into their exercise regime, and with good reason too as boxing is an intensive and effective form of exercise that will help you burn off the calories, get a great figure and feel stronger.

When we look at boxers we see the peak of fitness, and it’s understandable why so many men and women want to incorporate boxing techniques into their workouts. The only way to decide whether boxing is a good workout for you is to understand what can be gained for the sport.

Burning off the Calories

If your main goal is all about losing weight then you’ll obviously be keen to use exercises that burn off calories. Boxing offers a mid range calorie burn, so by using boxing as a form of exercise you’ll stand to burn more calories compared to other activities such as weight lifting and dancing. However, boxing is unlikely to burn off as many calories running or fast paced road cycling.

Muscle Gain

If your main goal is to build muscle then boxing would be an ideal exercise for you. Boxing involves weightlifting and a number of other muscle building exercises. Boxing training sessions are designed to work as many muscles as possible, but many of the exercises focus on the chest, the core and of course the upper arms. If these are the areas that you’re interested in working on then boxing is definitely an ideal workout for you.

Using 3 Simple Boxing Drills to Boost Your Workout Routine

Using boxing workout drills you can enhance your exercise regime and increase your general fitness. These 3 simple drills may not include any boxing moves but they are genuine workouts used by boxers to improve and maintain fitness, speed and strength.

Each drill should last two minutes, and after each drill you should take a 30 second rest, making sure that you take a small gulp of water and shake off any aches.

The Skipping Rope Drill

The image of a boxer with a skipping rope may seem a little cliché but there’s a reason that image exists. It’s because almost every boxer users the skipping rope to build up cardiovascular strength as well as working almost all of the muscles in the body.

Skipping rope workout

Don’t aim to do big jumps and if you trip up just keep going and you’ll soon find a rhythm. The more you use the rope the quicker and more agile you’ll get.

The Torso Twist Drill

The torso twist is a great little drill that can be done in one of two ways, depending on which areas of your body that you want to work.

Rest your back against a wall legs with your legs ever so slightly bent. Using a medicine ball twist your waist to one side, tapping the ball on the wall, then twist to the other side.

To work quads and your glutes at the same time simply bend the knees further into a squat position.

The Jump Squats Drill

This can be a grueling little workout, but a worthwhile one too.

Jump squat drill

Start the drill in a standing position and make sure your feet parted. Drop into the squat position and then immediately push back up with your legs into a jump. Use your arms to give you more momentum and aim to jump at least a foot off of the ground.

On your return, flex the knees and drop back into the squat position.


To summarize, boxing can be a very beneficial workout providing that you can cope with the intensity of the workouts. If you want a workout that strengthens the upper body and you want to balance between cardio and resistance training the boxing is an ideal exercise for you. If you feel you can comfortably cope with the physical and mental demands of being hit regularly then be sure to visit your local gym and book in for a taster session.

If you don’t like the violence of the sport, but you would like to incorporate the fitness aspect of a boxer’s training into your workout routine then there are alternatives that you can consider.

Author Bio: Jefferey Morgan is very much conscious about his health and fitness. Also he is a father of teenage son who loves boxing. He purchased new boxing gloves on his 17th birthday.

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