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Want a Flawless Face? Here are 4 Secrets Revealed

flawless faceYes, the secret’s out: You can have younger and flawless looking face. The best part? It’s easy, thanks to knowing the star ingredients to look for, as well as making sure you have a daily routine that you follow religiously. If you look in the mirror and see acne, wrinkles, an uneven tone or brown spots, read on for the top four secrets to uncovering a fresher, better look right now.

Take it Off

The first step towards flawless is having clean skin. But you may have to take a good hard look at how you’re cleansing. Soap will strip your skin of its natural, nourishing oils. It can even increase acne by overworking your oil glands to compensate for the dryness. Dry skin types should use a cream-based cleanser with moisturizers like glycerin and Vitamin E, while oily ones can opt for an oil-free gel that breaks up dirt and grime. Wash up once in the morning and again at bedtime, rinse and pat dry gently (rubbing too much can lead to redness and irritation).

Tone Up

How important is toner? Very, since it cleans deep down and can remove dirt from your pores better than cleanser alone. Sweeping toner across your face may prevent acne flare-ups and also shrink pores, making them less noticeable. Use a slim cotton pad (thicker balls sop up too much of the liquid) to sweep a gentle, non-astringent toner with green tea or botanicals across your cheeks, nose, forehead and chin each time after cleansing.


Exfoliating a few times a week washes away dead skin cells, as well as plays down wrinkles and improves an uneven tone. You don’t have to scrub away at your skin to see good results; a chemical exfoliant skin care product, like glycolic serums, peels or pads, give you smoother, softer skin in a matter of minutes without irritation. Regular use brightens, lightens dark spots and uncovers fresher cells, while also making fine lines and crinkles much less noticeable. For thicker, less sensitive skin, opt for a microdermabrasion cream that has professional-grade, resurfacing particles and is excellent for giving your skin a radiant glow.


The most essential step to a flawless skincare routine is applying a moisturizer. For the morning, it’s crucial that your moisturizing skin care product contains a sunscreen of at least SPF 15 that protects from both UVA and UVB rays.  Also check that the formula has antioxidants, like vitamins A, C, E or grape-seed extract; these ingredients will stop damaging environmental free radicals (sun, smoke and pollution exposure) from breaking down healthy skin cells and collagen. At night, a restorative moisturizer counteracts damage and rebuilds cells to reduce wrinkles and lines. Look for a formula that fits your skin type and has hyluaronic acid that will plump and hydrate thirsty skin. Other anti-aging ingredients, like peptides, vitamins or marine extracts will stimulate collagen production creating healthier cells and ultimately, smoother looking skin.

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