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Top Reasons Why Doing A Detox Cleanse Is Vital If You Work Out Regularly

Workout PictureEvery day we are bombarded with environmental toxins in our air, food, water, work, homes, cars, personal body care and home cleaning products, along with mental toxicity brought on by stress, working too much, anxiety, depression, and sleep deprivation. Our bodies have many mechanisms to protect us from these toxins and one of them is to use fat to surround dangerous toxins and stop them from doing damage to our vital organs.

When you work out on a regular basis and your body shifts into fat burning mode, you begin to shed the fat cells that surround these toxins which releases them into your body.

If you don’t do regular detoxing to clean, neutralize, and eliminate these toxins quickly and efficiently, you will reabsorb them back into your bloodstream if they are left in your body for too long which is also known as retox. This retox can make you feel ill and will affect your health negatively.

Doing a periodic detox cleanse will reset your body and jumpstart the healing process. This detox cleanse should consist of lots of nutrient-dense healing foods rich in antioxidants, phytochemicals, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, chlorophyll, healthy fats, enzymes, probiotics, and fiber which will help you remove these toxins and maintain alkaline balance in your body for better health.

Farmer's market fruits and vegetables

A detox cleanse can provide the following benefits:

1. Effortless weight loss

Waste and toxins in your body cause you to hold onto fat which causes excess weight. Once you start enjoying healing whole foods on a detox cleanse and then add them into your diet on a daily basis you will start to shed the weight as your body gets clean and heals.

2. Increased Energy

Toxins make you feel sluggish and tired. Once you clean out these toxins your body will free up energy used to deal with them and your energy level will increase naturally.

3. Better Immunity

Eliminating toxins from your body gives it the boost needed to rejuvenate, rebuild, and heal. This will lead to a stronger immune system.

4. Chronic Inflammation Reduction

Chronic inflammation can lead to degenerative diseases like cancer and diabetes if left unchecked. Eating an alkaline-rich healing foods diet daily along with regular detox cleanses will reduce this inflammation.

5. Promotes Stress Relief

Doing a physical detox and mental cleanse on a regular basis is a proactive way to keep your mind at peace and help you effectively deal with stress.

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Shelley AlexanderAbout the Author: Shelley Alexander is a holistic chef, certified healing foods specialist, cookbook author, and owner of A Harmony Healing a holistic food, nutrition, and wellness company in Los Angeles, California that makes getting healthy delicious! Visit her blog for healing foods recipes and holistic health tips for increasing your energy, strength, and immunity.


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