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TRX Suspension Training Home Exercises for Women

Group_Personal_Training_at_a_Gym_WikiCommonsAny exercise I do needs to be convenient, effective, and adaptable in order for me to stick with it long enough to be effective. I easily become bored of doing the same routine, especially if it is not pushing me to new heights of fitness. I always look for new ways to challenge myself and my body, and I have a harder time committing to activities that do not easily fit into my schedule. That is why I was so excited when I discovered TRX.

Suspension Training: Ultimate Body Workout

Suspension training has evolved over the years. It is an approach to fitness that uses a system of ropes, straps, bands, or slings to allow users to perform resistance exercises using their own body weight. The latest, most effective form of suspension training is TRX. Invented, developed, and perfected a few years by former Navy Seal and Stanford graduate Randy Hetrick, TRX is becoming part of any gym’s standard equipment, and TRX classes take place all over the world (in universities, health clubs, etc).

What are the Benefits of TRX Suspension Training?

Suspension training exercises will develop strength, flexibility, balance, and core stability, while burning calories. That is what makes TRX ideal for women who are trying to achieve a toned and lean physique. It is convenient, effective, and totally adaptable.

Convenient. TRX is portable, which makes working out in practically any place a sheer enjoyment. It is convenient since it can be easily attached to any door, tree, fence, ceiling, or any other sturdy structure.

Effective. Suspension training has been proven to develop core body strength, as well as joint and muscular stability. Due to all of the demands it puts on your core muscles, the TRX Suspension Training system essentially turns every movement into a total-body workout, which maximizes the fat burning effects while reducing the chance of injury.  The TRX system also increases your metabolic activity, which helps you develop lean muscle and increases your endurance.

Suspension training builds core strength with every exercise by creating instability that forces your core to provide balance and coordination in order to maintain the position. Having a strong core will prevent injuries, improve posture and increase your overall strength. This is because all of our movements in daily life are powered by our torso. Our abdominal muscles and our back muscles need to work together to support our spine every time we move. The TRX suspension training strengthens both areas efficiently and effectively.

Adaptable.  TRX is suitable for any level of fitness because its intensity can be easily adjusted from light to heavy, with an indefinite number of intermediate levels in between.   It meets you at your current fitness level and takes you to where you want to go. It uses gravity and your bodyweight for hundreds of different exercises. This fantastic system is easy to use and it can be instantly adjusted to suit anyone’s fitness level and personal goals.

Try TRX in your gym just once and you will be hooked!  You will be addicted and ready to challenge yourself more every day.  Fortunately, the TRX Suspension Training adjustable intensity levels will grow with you as you develop greater flexibility and strength.

Six Super Effective TRX Suspension Moves

Many thanks to fitness director Meaghan Murphy for demonstrating these exercises for us today. You can watch Meaghan’s video demo here and read my TRX review here. I have tried all these exercises myself using the TRX of the gym I attend.

Crunch and Curl

Situp and Crunch_TRXThis move combines a crunch and a curl, using the bands for resistance. It is designed to target the arms (biceps), upper back, and abs. You will start by securely attaching the TRX Suspension Training system to the top of a door. Sit facing the door, with your toes touching the base of the door. Reach for the handles and pull the bands towards you, palms facing your body. Keeping your abs tight, slowly lie down, holding the bands and let your back touch the floor. This is the beginning of the repetition. Using the bands, sit back up by curling the handles into your chest. Slowly lie back down and repeat. Do three sets of 12 repetitions.

Whittling Wheelbarrow

Whittling Wheelbarrow - TRXThis is a great exercise for the abs. Start by attaching the TRX Suspension Training system to the top of a door. Kneel with your back to the door and put your feet in the straps. Walk your body out into a plank position with your wrist directly below your shoulders. Keeping your feet inside the handles, bring your knees into the chest and then release. Focus on holding your core in tight, every time you bring your knees in and out. Do three sets of 12 repetitions

One Leg Lunge TRXButt Blaster One-Leg Lunges

This exercise is a one legged squat that targets the thighs and glutes. Start by attaching the TRX Suspension Training system to the top of a door. With your back to the door, put the handles together, and place your right foot inside both handles at once. Step with your left leg forward far enough that you can stretch your leg behind you without touching the door. Stand up straight and then squat down, pushing your right leg behind you, while still being inside of the straps. Your right foot will almost reach the door (knee is slightly bent) and your left leg will support the weight of your body. Stand back up straight and repeat. Do 12 repetitions on each leg.

Best Seat in the House

Best Seat in the House TRXThis exercise combines a squat with a row, so it works both the upper and lower body. Start by attaching the TRX Suspension Training system to the top of a door. Facing the door, grab both handles in your right hand. Squat as if you were sitting down into a chair, still holding both handles in your right hand. You should feel it in the back of your legs. Stand back up straight using your arms (row your arms) and upper back muscles. Repeat. Do 12 repetitions using each hand.

Lift Off

TRX Butt Lift offStart by attaching the TRX Suspension Training system to the top of a door. Facing the door put one foot inside of each handle (make sure they are secure), so the handle is resting on the back of your ankle. Your toes will be pointed upwards and your hands will be to your sides for support. Lie on your back and lift your lower back and buttocks off of the ground so that your body forms a bridge. Get as high as you can off the floor and bring your knees into your chest. Bring your knees in and out for three sets of 12 repetitions.

Perk Up

TRX PerkupWe are going to combine a push-up and a leg raise so that we exercise the chest and the bootie at the same time. Start by attaching the TRX Suspension Training system to the top of a door. With your back turned to the door, grab one handle in each hand. Extend your arms in front of you at 90 degrees to your body. During this exercise, your arms will move at a plane that forms a 90 degree angle to your body. Standing on the tips of your toes, and keeping your body straight, lean forward, so your body is at a 20-30 degree angle with the door behind you. Now do a push up by bending your arms and bringing your chest forward until the latter reaches the point where your hands are on each side. You will do this while lifting your right leg off of the floor. Press your chest muscles and extend your arms so that you return to the initial position where your body is at 20-30 degrees to the door and your arms extended in front of you. Do three sets of 12 repetitions.

About the Author: Matthew Denos is a biologist, writer, and enthusiast of suspension training. One of his recent articles is on the topic of abdominal strengthening belt reviews. Matthew enjoys trying and reviewing fitness equipment.  He has been training with weights for over 13 years. His father bought him a doorway chin up bar when he was 12 and since then he is in love with resistance training and muscular development. He feels privileged to contribute to the content of

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