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3 Steps to Trigger Hair Growth

How to grow your hairIs your hair getting dry and brittle? Is it coming out after washing your hair? Most of the time, this type of hair loss is normal. However, if your hair starts breaking off, or the handfuls keep increasing, you might be experiencing hair loss. There are steps to addressing hair loss, such as: natural remedies, hair loss shampoos, and hair habits.

Natural Remedies for Hair loss

The clump of your hair in your hand, might be disconcerting, but have no fear, there are plenty of natural remedies. The first thing to do is, start at the source, the scalp. Your scalp needs daily massaging, to provide circulation. A good way to do this is in the shower. You can also use rosemary oil and almond oil to massage your scalp once a week. Other natural oils good for your hair are: coconut (virgin or refined,) jojoba, castor, and emu. Eating a balanced diet can help counterbalance hair loss. Getting plenty of sleep and feeling well rested will help. Limiting the stresses in your life, can also play into hair loss, so figuring out what is stressing you out might help. These are all just simple, natural steps that can combat hair loss.

Finding the Right Shampoo

Going green (organic) can be costly, but will result in hair growth. There are too many harsh chemicals in name brand shampoos. Even though they might say it will help with hair loss, over time it is just making it worse. When choosing a shampoo, good examples of hair loss shampoos are organic shampoos. These shampoos ingredient lists should be comprised of all natural components. Be sure that no chemicals are listed such as: sodium lauryl sulfate, which can cause hair follicle miniaturization. All the natural ingredients listed above are good ingredients to promote hair growth. These ingredients either help scalp circulation, or aid in follicle growth. Some brands to look for are: Burt’s Bees, DS Laboratories Revita Hair Growth Stimulating Shampoo, Pura D’or Organic Argan Oil Anti Hair Loss Shampoo, and Aubrey Organics – Rosa Mosqueta Nourishing Shampoo

Good Hair Habits to Have

There are things we do on a routine basis, that we don’t know might be damaging our hair. Hot showers, are damaging to hair, because the hot water dry the scalp out. This can decrease scalp circulation, dry out hair follicles, and cause dandruff. Always use warm water when showering. It is second nature once out of the shower to brush/comb your hair, but you should wrap your hair in a towel. Let your hair dry naturally before brushing or combing to prevent follicle breakage, because hair is weak when wet. Try not to keep hair in a tight pony-tail holder. Keeping hair tight and restricted can result in hair breakage and damage. Hair dyes are also harmful to hair, and can result in hair loss.

It is normal to lose hair daily, but when it is more than 200 strands, it is time to these steps to combat hair loss. All natural remedies are good way to start finding ways to prevent hair loss. Extending the battle in a buying a organic hair loss shampoo is another good step. Having good hair habits, helps change our daily routine of hair warfare. Employing all these steps will get you on the path to regaining your hair.

Author Bio: Lacey Davis is a freelance writer. Lacey blogs about hair maintenance, hair styling, and hair products. Lacey has thyroid problems (hormonal imbalance) she also blogs about her hair loss experience. To read some information like good examples of hair loss shampoos and what kind of shampoos to be used, visit the site organic shampoos help in preventing hair loss.

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