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Want a Flat Stomach? Eat these 6 Foods

watercress superfoodWatercress

Get your B1, B2, B6 and vitamins C and E, plus manganese, carotene and potassium, from the superfood that is watercress. Watercress has got diuretic properties, so all toxins and excess fluids are ridden from the body, making you appear thinner because you’re not retaining unnecessary fluids.

Watercress also has the added benefits that its iodine content brings with it- a boost to metabolism, and loads of nutrients for your skin. You’ll look slimmer, and have a nice glow.


To further increase your metabolism, hot things up a little. Chilli can help you burn fat, and battles the toxins that can cause bloating. Stick a chopped onion, sliced peppers, crushed garlic and a tablespoon of chilli powder in a lightly oiled frying pan, and as many tomatoes as you’ve got. Let everything cook before adding in some stock, and let the whole thing reduce over a low heat. Add in kidney beans, and season well. Easy!


Incorporating lentils into your daily diet is easy- they have a mild flavor, and so can become part of virtually any meal. Their nutritious value helps prevent insulin spikes. It’s these spikes that cause the body to create extra fat- normally around the stomach. Stock up on lentils at every meal, and you’ll be doing any stomach fat a big favor.


The Mediterranean classics can do wonders for your body, especially the tummy zone. Often our bodies can be resistant to leptin, the protein responsible for regulating metabolic rate and appetite, and tomatoes reverse this problem. Tomatoes can also limit inflammations, and regulate water retention, too, so your stomach will appear flatter.

For the easiest tomato soup in the world, sauté some onion and celery in a pan, and add chopped, overly-ripe, tomatoes. Add in some vegetable stock and let the flavors simmer for about 25 minutes. Let the mix cool and then puree with a hand-blender, adding salt and pepper to taste. Delicious, and nutritious.

Flax seeds

Linseeds have a ton of monounsaturated fats that lower cholesterol and help reduce body fat. They are the kind of ‘healthy fats’ that you need in your diet. Try making flax seed porridge- add twice as much boiling water as flax to make a sort of “mushy” breakfast. Add a pinch of salt and mix in chopped berries or a dollop of nut butter.


Okay, it’s a liquid, not a food- but it’s still vital for a flat stomach. Bloating is worsened, or sometimes even caused by, dehydration. You need enough fluids in your system to curb hunger and improve digestion. Eight glasses a day is accepted wisdom, but you don’t have to stick to straight aqua. Green tea is just as effective, and even has fat burning benefits. Fennel, peppermint or dandelion teas are all great at combating bloating as well.

About the Author: This post was written by Courthouse Clinics, a U.K.-based cosmetic treatment chain specializing in non-invasive weight loss treatments

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