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Benefits of a Sugar Free Diet and an Ultra Tasty Recipe

sugar free dietDespite the fact that it may be difficult to reduce your sugar content, a sugar free diet has numerous benefits to your health. Sugar is very addictive and is a major contributor to weight gain, diabetes and mood swings including mild depression. Dental cavities and chemical imbalances are all consequences of a sugary diet. Before embarking on any plans to change your diet to a sugar free one, make a point of visiting your doctor for further advice. A nutritionist may also come in handy to help you transition with ease to a sugar free diet that’s also palatable and enjoyable.

Weight Loss

You can achieve weight loss by reducing a considerable amount of sugars from your diet. Sugars don’t add any nutritional value; just more calories. They tend to make you hungrier causing you to eat more which leads to weight gain. However, foods such as vegetables and whole grains make you feel full really fast, making you eat less. As you reduce you sugar intake, your cravings may not minimize in the same proportion. To curb this, just drink more healthy fluids.

Risk of Diabetes reduced

Reduction of sugar from your diet can greatly minimize your risk of diabetes. Weight gain increases your risk of acquiring diabetes. However, one should never think that they are safe from diabetes by eating a sugary diet without necessarily gaining weight. Diabetes cases are prevalent in communities that eat processed foods with high sugar content. Foods high in fiber and vegetables are excellent foods to maintain a healthy body free of diabetes.

Energy Stability

Intake of sugar can suddenly increase your energy levels followed by a sudden decrease in energy. Eliminating sugar levels from your diet, maintains a stable energy level. To best control you blood sugar, follow the glycemic index (GI). Blood sugar is reduced slowly by taking foods with a low GI score, while blood sugar is quickly raised by foods that are high in GI scores. Whilst it’s good to be careful with the GI contents in your food, it should not be used as a baseline for your diet as the guidelines were mainly meant for those with diabetes.

Sugar Free Recipes

Sugars are tasty and sweet but this does not mean that a diet that is sugar free should be unpalatable. There are countless recipes that are tasty and quick to prepare. You can also start your kids on a sugar free diet by adding recipes that are tasty and healthy. Look for recipes that have a great taste at breakfast, lunch, supper and snack times. Oatmeal is a good starter for the whole family in the morning. Fish is excellent choice for lunch and can be enjoyed by everyone. Ham and turkey is a tasty option which can be eaten as a sandwich. For that ultra taste sugar free food, sandwiches may also be prepared with salami, chicken or pork. Rice with pork or chicken is a very delicious meal for supper. Gelatin desserts are sugar free and are great for snacking. The choice is endless for a sugar free diet that is tasty and at the same time healthy.

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