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Best HIIT Cardio Abs Workout

If you are looking to shed fat rapidly and flatten your stomach in the process, look no further. This HIIT High Intensity Cardio Abs routine is designed to do exactly that. This cardio abs workout will help you lose weight and build abs at the same time. Set the Gymboss Interval Timer to 46 reps, 10 seconds break and 30 seconds workout. In other words, each exercise should last 30 second, with only a 10 second rest before the next workout routine.

Cardio Abs Gymboss Setting

Cardio abs Gymboss Setting

Make Sure to Use Workout Gloves

Cardio abs Workout Gloves

High Intensity Cardio – Sprint on Incline

Kick off the Gymboss and start on the cardio routine on the treadmill at 6 miles per hour. Sprint with your arms lifted at about 90 degrees of your body. To make it even more challenging, mimic boxing or jabbing while sprinting. Keep in mind, the treadmill should be set at its maximum incline level to provide more resistance. On mine it is number 15. Once the Gymboss beeps, quickly reduce the speed to one mile per hour, and get off the treadmill to get ready for the next routine.

Ab Workout – Plank Walk

Remember you have only 10 seconds to a) reduce the speed, b) catch your breath, and c) set up for the plank. If I forgot to mention this earlier, you would need a workout glove for this entire cardio abs workout routine. It’s because you will be using your hands on the treadmill for the plank walk routine, and you want to avoid having blisters all over your hands.

The plank walk is designed to target several areas of your body including your quads, your shoulders, triceps, chest, but also (and most importantly), your abs and lats. Squeeze your core throughout the entire plank walk exercise routine, and keep your back as flat (as opposed to round) as possible. Make sure to breathe through the exercise to provide oxygen to your muscles.

High Intensity Cardio – Sprint on Incline

By this time, 30 seconds have already passed and the Gymboss has beeped. You have 10 seconds to catch your breath. Quickly get ready to hop back on the treadmill and repeat the first exercise (i.e sprint at 6 miles per hour with your arms raised)

Ab Workout – Mountain Climber

The Gymboss Interval Timer will beep again to let you know it’s time to get off your sprint mojo and get ready to squeeze those abs one more time. So quickly reduce the treadmill speed back down to 1 mile per hour and prepare for your Mountain Climber workout routine.

Your hands will be flat on the floor and your legs on the treadmill. This is the opposite of the plank workout where your hands were on the treadmill and your legs on the floor. Lock your shoulders in place, ensuring that your back is flat and your core is squeezed to the max.

This routine is designed to work your lower abs, your chest, back, quads and shoulders. So it’s a full body workout (not just an ab exercise). Do this routine for 30 seconds, take a 10 second break and get back on the treadmill for your sprint routine.

Keep alternating between sprint, plank, and mountain climbers until the Gymboss runs out of all 46 repetitions!! Yes I said 46 reps! That amounts to about 30 minutes of high intensity cardio and ab workout session designed to shed the fat and help you get back in shape asap.

How Often Should I do This Workout?

Do this cardio abs workout every other day (3 times a week). The other 3 days, do some weight training routine to put on some muscle mass. One thing about muscles is that they help you burn more fat. So it’s in your best interest to also lift some weights.

Summary of the Workout

– Sprint on Treadmill Max Incline (30 secs)
– Rest for 10 sec
– Plank Walk on Treadmill (30 secs)
– Rest for 10 sec
– Sprint on Treadmill Max Incline (30 secs)
– Rest for 10 sec
– Mountain Climber on Treadmill (30 secs)
– Keep repeating until Gymboss runs out of the 46 repetitions

Have fun with this cardio abs routine and let me know if you have any questions


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