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Cosmetic Surgery Disaster as Gynecologist Performs Hair Transplant

hair transplantNews emerged in December 2012 about a Puerto Rican doctor who has been making a living in California performing hair transplants. Based on online reviews one woman, concerned about her thinning locks, decided to take the plunge and go get this hair transplant treatment.

The treat soon turned bad as incorrect equipment coupled with insufficient training, left her with serious visible scaring across her crown.

The decision to have cosmetic surgery should not be taken lightly, and the botch job performed by this particular doctor should serve as a warning to all those considering going under the knife. The bottom line is, always do some extensive homework on the person you are placing your trust in. You cannot leave your health in the hands of an enthusiastic amateur.

How was this allowed to happen?

The doctor in question claimed to have experience in cosmetic surgery. The reality however is that he was not even a surgeon, but rather a gynecologist. In California, there are no constraints on what a doctor can do. Your local GP could be legally allowed to perform open heart surgery.

This, like many of the surgical horror stories you find on the internet, illustrates the lengths people will go to in times of desperation. Hair loss can be a very distressing experience and many people turn to those who promise a cheap miracle cure.

So who do you turn to then?

If you are experiencing hair loss, the first thing you should look at is your lifestyle. Are you overly stressed? Are you getting the right nutrition? It is likely that by making a few changes to your routine your hair will grow back naturally?

If this does not yield the desired results then there are more natural remedies you can try. For example, Procerin, and the FDA approved Nourkrin, can stimulate dormant follicles while providing the vital nutrients which are the building blocks for healthy hair.

And the woman?

The woman is currently recovering and pressing charges against the doctor with the intention of claiming damages for herself and the other patients affected by his negligence.