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Creatine Supplementation: Effective or a Waste Of Money?

creatine side effectsThe importance of creatine as energy source was established since the early 20th century. If we can rightly recall, in the year 1912, Otto Folin and Willey Glover Denis proved that intake of creatine supplementation helps in boosting creatine amount in our muscles. But the real popularity of this health supplement got its recognition in the year 1920 by the scientific and researched based discovery of creatine phosphate. The newly discovered substance was proved to be a pivotal factor for boosting metabolism in the human body, especially in skeletal muscles. The health supplement became popular in the early 1990s, i.e. in the year 1992; during the Barcelona Olympic Games the flamboyant creatine supplementation became widely popular.

How has the creatine supplementation established itself?

As on record, the Barcelona Olympic Games was the better testimony of this health supplement, with both male sprinter Linford Christie and female hurdler Sally Gunnell to have won gold in their 100m and 400m items respectively. The low potent creatine supplementation of that time has come of age in these days. All the manufacturers are vying each other and coming up with their new varieties of the potent supplement since 1993. The latest discovery was the intake of the health supplement with simple carbohydrate is sufficient enough to improve the storage of muscle creatine. One of the manufacturers introduced a new variety which became very popular because of its read-to-mix characteristics. In the year 1998, the launching of Alpha lipoic acid made the news because of its enhanced concentration ability.

The effectiveness of creatine supplementation

The flagship potent health supplement has come a long way since 100 years back when it was first discovered. The success of the health supplement is already scientifically proven. Creatine is a highly sought after item for the high performing and high intensity aerobic enthusiasts and professionals. It is proved that it can improve the performance by 5 to 15 percent for athletes like weightlifters, sprinters, cyclists and such others. Having said this, one must note that this health supplement, of course, is potent enough, but only for short & high intensity events, not for long enduring workouts.

Does this health supplement work for every one?

The answer is perhaps not. In fact it does not work for every one. So any enthusiast must try and test different brands for the suitability. The common brand being the creatine monohydrate, many try different brands as per the suitability and responses of their body. Some prefer the tablet form, others prefer capsule form and some mix the powder form of the supplement with water to make a shake out of it.

How does the creatine supplement affect our body?

According to several clinical studies, there is hardly any established evidence that creatine supplementation has any adverse side effect. Of course you may have run across negative media reports regarding the ill-effects of creatine intake. But the final testimony of the creatine supplementation is found to be positive in far & wide. In this time no one says anything against the potent health supplement. A recent study in the year 2006 said that the potent health supplement could increase the level of testosterone in human body up to 22%. This study vouches for the anabolic characteristics of testosterone.

Base on all of the above, we can say in the final verdict that Creatine Supplement is not at all waste of money.

Author Bio: This post has been written by John Smith. He loves to write about various aspects of health and medical supplements. He recommends calcet calcium as a great source of calcium.

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