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Decode The Three Common Prostate Cancer Treatments

prostate cancer pictureWhen your family member has been diagnosed with prostate cancer treatment, you immediately worry about all the best options available for treatment. You would opt for the treatment which is the least painful and has minimal risks. Another constant apprehension is about the kind of side effects the therapy may produce. It is necessary to talk to the doctors about the three treatments to clarify your fears.

Symptoms of prostate cancer

In most cases, you will be unable to detect prostate cancer in the early stages. Only if you go for a check up or a blood test, you will be able to identify if you have prostate cancer. Usually, look at the following indicators if you are suspicious about contracting the disease.

  • You may urinate many times in a day; especially, during the night.
  • Urinating may become difficult and it is not continuous.
  • While urinating, you will see blood spots and after a point, it will become difficult to urinate as the process becomes painful.
  • If the prostate cancer is in the advanced stage then your bones in the vertebra, ribs and pelvis will start aching.
  • You may also feel excessive weakness if the cancer has spread to the lower parts of your body.


Prostate Cancer Treatment #1: Surgery

  • Surgery is said to be the best cure for prostate cancer till date. With the help of surgery, the doctors remove the prostate gland itself from your body.
  • This not only helps the doctor rid you of all possible cancer infections in the body, but also helps you lead a normal life going forth.
  • These days, there are two ways to carry out an effective surgery. One is through the usual traditional methods through which an incision is made and the cells are removed.
  • The other is to make multiple incisions with the help of small robotic device, in order to remove the cancer affected cells.

Prostate Cancer Treatment # 2: External Radiation

  • After surgery, this is probably the second best method to rid you of your prevalent cancer.
  • With the help of radiation, high levels of protons are passed through the infected cancer cells, thereby, killing the infected cells instantly.
  • With a number of radiation sittings, the doctors can remove the cancer in a matter of seconds.
  • Usually, a typical course of external radiation involves 8 weeks of continuous treatments, spread over daily sittings with your cancer doctor.

Prostate Cancer Treatment # 3: Internal Radiation

  • In the external methods, the radiation beams are passed from outside while in the internal method, the route adopted is a bit different.
  • While what differs is the basic way for passing the beams, the effect and the motive remains pretty much the same.
  • The best part about internal radiation is the convenience and the level of pain it comes fused with.
  • With the general anesthesia doing its bit, it’s a simple ride for you.
  • All the doctor has to do is insert a long thin needle through your prostate in order to kill the contaminated cancer cells.
  • The needle is equipped with small radiation seeds which aid in destroying the cancer cells effectively.
  • While it may not be a simple piece of cake, it’s necessary to be regular with your treatment sittings in order to recover completely from your prostate cancer.

About the Author: Richard Hill is a medical adviser and works with a charity focused on prostate cancer treatment options. He helps patients become aware about the prostate cancer and provides necessary assistance to find the best physicians and treatments.

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