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Get Started with Juicing and Get the Facts

Juicing Weight LossWant to try juicing? Its one of the most popular health trends today – for the young & the young at heart. After all, who can resist a fresh, delicious glass of juice? Some have turned to juicing as a weight loss regimen. Others have chosen it to help prevent illness or hoping to relieve themselves of serious disease(s).

There are both fans and skeptics of juicing. Most likely, the wisest to try juicing do so with a middle-of-the-road attitude. This is a great way to help get your “5 a day” down a bit easier, especially if you don’t like to eat your fruits & veggies much. Or if you’d like to add more nutrients and antioxidants to your diet to enhance your health, it is also an excellent choice. Pursue extreme measures with caution, the best course of action is likely the attitude of moderation. Those who have chosen juicing to help with weight loss have gotten good results when not going overboard.

Some countries just seem to love to juice more than others. In Canada, you’ll probably get offered a glass of fresh juice right on the spot! U.S.A. is 2nd on the list, with Germany coming up close behind them. New Zealand comes in dead last, 50% lower than Canada, so have a glass of juice before you go!

Don’t think that “only” the juice is healthy. You can use the pulp to cook, bake and make healthy foods with. It is a great way to get fiber and nutrients from your fruits and vegetables. Then you are getting all of the benefits of juicing.

Infographic designed by Hamilton Beach in support of their juice extracting appliances.

Benefits of juicing

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