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How to Build Muscle: 3 Tips You Need to Know About

How to build muscleLots of people struggle with building muscle; and in fact don’t see any change in their physique no matter how much time they spend t the gym. If this is you, chances are you are doing something wrong. So, if you want to know how to build muscle mass, you should apply the following principles:

How to Build Muscle – Tip #1: Lift heavy weights

If you want to achieve hypertrophy (scientific name for large muscle growth), then you need to lift weights that are heavy enough to prevent you from doing more than 15 reps of any exercise. As a rule of thumb, the next time you go to the gym and set up your bench press station, ask someone to spot you, and attempt to lift heavier weights than usual. If you get to 15 reps even with some efforts, increase the weight a little more. The basic premise is: increase the weight enough so that you are unable to go past 10 reps without some help from you workout partner, which leads to tip number 2

How to Build Muscle – Tip #2: Forced reps

Forces reps (or forced repetitions) describe the ability to do a few additional reps past your point of failure. How do you do that, you ask? You will need a workout partner to spot you. Make sure you ask someone nicely to spot you and give you a little physical assistance (beyond the pep talk and cheering). Once you reach rep number 9 or 10 and can’t go any further, your spotter will come into play and help you clock in an extra 2 to 3 reps.

By doings repetitions past your failure point, you are overloading your muscle fibers and causing your muscles to grow faster. So, once again, the answer to the question “how to build muscle” is simple: the only way to materially increase muscle mass is to cause your muscle fibers to tear, and rebuild stronger than before. To tear up muscle fibers, subject your body to external stimuli that it’s usually not used to; and that involves lifting much heavier than you’re used to.

How to Build Muscle – Tip #3: Eat muscle building foods

For those who do not already know this, in order to put on 1 pound of muscle, you need to consume 3,500 – 7,000 extra calories per week. That means, on a daily basis, you should eat 500 – 1,000 extra calories. However, we’re not suggesting you pig out on everything you can find around the house, no. Most people hit a plateau and stop building muscle simply because they fail to consume enough nutrients that are responsible for producing muscle growth.

In order for you to build muscle, you ought to consume enough high protein, low fat, and moderate carbs. Your diet should be rich in chicken, green vegetables, brown rice, quinoa, steak, and fish such as tilapia, salmon and tuna.

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