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How To Manage Stress

Young Woman MeditatingWhat’s Stress?

Stress is a universal phenomenon that surrounds each and every one of us regardless of age, gender or ethnic background. And while there is no getting away from stress, we can try to control our responses to the challenges that trigger stress in our lives. Instead of trying to achieve stress elimination, there are certain practices targeting effective stress management instead.

Deep Breathing as a Way to Manage Stress

A holistic approach to counter stress features on internal aspects of the individual like mental and emotional responses as well as the physical and spiritual aspects. Practices like breathing exercises are known to have a relaxing effect on the body. Deep breathing is in fact considered as one of the most effective ways to lower stress. Structured breathing exercise target at regulating increased heart rate, high blood pressure and fast breathing, all physical responses to elevated levels of stress.

Yoga as a Way to Manage Stress

Likewise trying yoga for active stress management is another holistic approach. The age old practice is compromised of stretching exercises, controlled breathing and relaxation; it helps individuals relax by controlling breathing which can in turn help quiet the mind, stretching poses relax tense muscles that can calm down the body’s physical response to stress and practicing yoga poses while meditating can help improve mood and enhance an overall sense of well being.

And if think that yoga may not be for you then consider meditation without the stretching or breathing exercises. Practicing meditation leads to a deep state of relaxation where the mind blocks out all stress factors and is in a tranquil state. Effective meditation is successful at improving a sense of all physical, mental and emotional well being.

Final Words

When practiced regularly, all these approaches can help clear the mind of overcrowded thoughts, negative feelings and confusions. Instead focus shifts on increasing self awareness, managing stress better and taking control of our state of mind.

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