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How to Take Care of Your Hair Implants After Surgery

Hair implantsAs soon as you have made the decision to undergo hair transplant surgery, you are most likely thinking ahead on what might be the requirements post op. Of course you are excited to see the faces of your family and friends when they notice your new look hair. But for now, you need to go through the surgery first and take care so that your transplant will be completely successful.

The Healing Process

Hair transplants after surgery do not normally heal unless you keep the skin free from sunlight. The surgery will cause your skin to become really sensitive. If you secure the skin on your scalp after the transplant, you will hasten the healing process.

How to Take Care of Your Hair

You can begin by putting on a hat. It does not really matter what type of hat it is, as long as it is not too tight so that it does not rub on your transplant grafts. You must not put this for long. After some time, you can replace it with a sunscreen. SPF 30 or above is a must.

Getting just enough amount of blood flow to the transplant site will help a lot in hastening the healing process. For an instance, you need to ensure that you keep a good blood flow at night. You can do this by elevating your head a bit using 2-3 pillows. Wedge-shaped pillows are made perfect for this purpose.

Conversely, you do not want excessive blood flow. You must get plenty of rest after your surgery. For the initial weeks it is not recommended to do physical activities that can cause increased blood flow. You may bleed easily. At day 14, transplanted hair will be completely embedded. This is the only time you can go back to your daily routines.

It is really essential to clean your hair just as your surgeon instructs after the surgery. You will be provided with a special shampoo to use and certain instructions on how and when to use the product, normally on day 4 onwards. It is needed to clean gently but carefully. Initially, you may find yourself washing your hair several times daily. Just make sure that you do not touch the transplant site by rubbing it.

You will be asked to come back for check-up a week after the surgery. Make sure to attend this appointment. If you need assistance, do not hesitate to ask your doctor.

Combing of hair must only be done as permitted by the surgeon. You might be amazed at how soon you can do this. Expect some more check-ups, which is also necessary for you to attend to secure you from possible complications.

One Final Advice

Though hair transplants have a high success rate, it is still a must to take extra care. It does not make sense to pay hundreds and thousands of dollars for a surgery and then not follow through with excellent care. Do not worry, at 3-4 months after surgery, you will see very fine hair growing on your head and you will be treating this new hair the same way you do like the hair you once had before.

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