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Naturopathy – A Guide to Healing Yourself Naturally

naturopathyHave you ever wondered about the art of natural healing, also known as naturopathy? It is based on using natural or alternative approaches to cure ailments and conditions in our bodies. Some people believe that our society is too reliant on technology and prescribed drugs nowadays. They believe that there are some safer and more effective options available to us. If you have ever been curious about these theories and practices, please read this article for some more insights.


This term originated from Latin and Greek and it literally translates as a ‘natural disease’. This phrase was put together by John Scheel in 1895; it was made popular by Benedict Lust who was known as the ‘Father of Naturopathy’. Nowadays the practice of naturopathy is split into two sections of followers:

  • Traditional Naturopaths – Consists of many treatments, some accepted by the normal medical practices and some to a lesser degree.
  • Naturopathic physicians – Practicing naturopathy inside normal medical conventions.

Examples Of Natural Healing Treatments

    • Cold and Flu – When you begin to feel those often painful and annoying symptoms, you should realize that they are your body’s way of dealing with the virus. The high temperature that you are experiencing is actually killing the harmful bacteria in your system. Coughing is a way to rid your breathing system from the mucus that harbors so many germs. Your bad throat and blocked nose is better not treated at all. The decongestant medicine only removes the unpleasant sensation and does nothing to fight the germs. Here are the natural ways to aid your recovery:

  1. Keep warm and relax your mind and body. This way you will save your energy for more important uses such as fighting the germs in your system.
  2. Blow your nose correctly and you will start to remove the germs from your nasal passage. Do not blow too hard because this can send the phlegm into your ear passages.
  3. If you Gargle with salt water you can bring some relief to the irritation and pain whilst allowing some moisture to spread.
  • Sunburn – This condition can affect any of us and can often become extremely painful, here are some natural ways to relieve the pain:

      1. Natural yoghurt can be smeared onto your affected skin to bring some cooling relief. It will also restore the pH balance and increase the healing rate. If you add some turmeric and barley, you will be surprised how soon your skin starts to feel normal again.
  1. Make a pot of strong fresh tea and soak a large soft towel in the beverage. Apply this to your affected areas and allow the tea to relieve your nasty sunburn. You can even make a whole bath experience into a healing session. Draw a half bath full of hot water and add about twenty teabags. Allow the water to cool down and slide into the healing waters. The tannin contained in the tea will extract the burning from your skin and will heal your skin nicely.

About the Author: Jasmine Norman is a yoga instructor and study’s Naturopaths. Although the usual visits to the doctor help, but she feels that it is important to know different healing techniques so as to stay healthy. She also blogs about health issues in her spare time.

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