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The Perfect Morning Energizer: Milk Cocktail with Banana

banana and milk shakeProviding the body with adequate nutrition and essential nutrients is important in order to keep the body strong and healthy. The best way to energize the body is to give it a boost of energy by taking a healthy drink in the morning. Morning energizer drinks can give more power and strength to keep the body enduring against stress throughout the day. With proper exercise and diet that is complemented with a healthy, energizing drink in the morning you can optimize your body’s endurance and vigor with a more productive day to look forward to.

Drink the Banana Nutrients

Choosing the proper food preparation that your body needs should consist of healthy choices. You need to choose fruits and vegetables that are essential in giving the body with proper nutrition, vitamins and minerals. Banana is well known for its essential energizing nutrients and is widely used by athletes after and during sports activities. It offers a cheaper source of energy for the body than the expensive energy drinks on the market with a nutrient package of potassium, vitamin B6 and fiber. Some of the energizer drink mix can also be unhealthy because they contain sugar, sodium and caffeine. With banana drinks, you supply the body with natural source of energy as compared to unhealthy fad drinks.

Milk cocktail mix

When making a banana drink, you can mix it with a milk cocktail to give an added boost of refreshing energy drink early in the morning. When the body is energized, you can obtain improved brain clarity throughout the day and it gives the muscles better strength and vigor. Milk can provide the body with very healthy components which are equivalent to chemicals of growth hormone, painkillers and antibiotics. Aside from the invigorating and refreshing drink from a milk cocktail, you also supply your body with essential compounds that can fight stress.

Milk Cocktail with Banana – Energizing Booster Drink

With the combination of milk cocktail and banana, you will be creating a highly nutritious and high energy beverage preparation to give you a refreshing drink in the morning. Even in Korea and Japan, banana is always a good energy drink option which is cheaper and natural source of essential nutrients for added energy in the body. Moreover, you can always prepare this energy power drink at home. There are many cocktail drinks that could give you a refreshing morning as well that is powered up with the nutritional value of milk and banana. Choose your favorite cocktail drink and blend it with milk and banana.

Make your own milk cocktail with banana

There are popular choices when making a milk cocktail. Prepare a milk and your favorite cocktail drink and blend them with crushed ice in a blender. Slice a banana into bits and add it to the mixture. Some like to add some cream on their milk cocktail but you can dispense with this if you don’t want to take in the extra calories.

Taking a milk cocktail with a banana in the morning will help enliven the body by giving it some energy drink to start your day. With the nutrition value of milk and banana, you can make a healthy, energizing beverage that will boost your body’s endurance to carry out the challenges of a day’s work.

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