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Unhappy With Something About Yourself? You Can Change More Than You Think

Being happy with yourself and confident with you who are is an incredible blessing. While people will come and go throughout your existence, the one thing that remains constant is you and the one thing you always have to put up with is yourself. It’s you who will be able to affect every aspect of your life, and it’s you alone who can dictate whether you’re successful and whether you get what you want out of life. If you don’t like you then, you’re pretty much stuck.

Of course we can all learn to come to terms with ourselves and as we grow older most of us will naturally become more comfortable in our own skin. However you don’t always just have to ‘settle’ for the things you don’t like about yourself, and actually you might be surprised by just how much you can change about yourself. Here we will look at some of the things you can alter regarding your appearance and your skills that perhaps you thought you had no control over…

Your Height

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For men in particular being short can be hard work. Statistics show that taller men are considered more attractive by women, but also more likely to be considered for high paying job roles. It’s a tough world if you’re under 5’10” then, but there are things you can do.

One of the easiest and most non-invasive ways that you can increase your height for instance is to wear elevated insoles to give yourself a little extra lift when you’re wearing shoes. Sure this might be cheating, but if you’re ‘on the pull’ or going to an interview no one is going to know and this can give you just the boost in confidence you need to help you through.

Your Features

Another thing that many of us struggle to come to terms with is our facial features. If you’re someone who has a big nose for instance, or a very round face, you may presume that you’re doomed to a lifetime of looking unattractive. Actually though there is a lot that can be done and without a needle in sight. ‘Contouring’ for instance is a technique used by makeup artists which involves using shadow effects on your features to create the illusion of light falling in a certain way. Apply a bit of shading down the sides of your nose for instance and you can make it look narrower and smaller, while using a little under your cheekbones can help you to look more chiseled. Allegedly contouring is used by a lot of celebrities who become completely dependent on their makeup artists to give them their winning looks.

Your Voice

Most of us don’t give our voices much thought, but if you’re someone who finds their voice embarrassing you’ll know just how important a good voice can be. Fortunately though it is possible to deepen your voice, you just need practice. There are many exercises to try online, while even just talking more slowly can help the pitch of your voice to sound deeper. If you’re struggling to do this on your own then consider taking up opera and you’ll find it’s a happy side effect.

Your Teeth

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Bad teeth are something that lots of people put up with, but there is really no reason to when there are so many procedures available to you. Crooked teeth for instance can be repaired using products like Invisalign or techniques such as veneers, while you can also enjoy a whiter smile (teeth whitening) or replace gaps (implants or bridges) to give yourself the smile you really want.

Your IQ


Your IQ measures your ‘fluid intelligence’, or in other words you ability to manipulate concepts in your mind rather than to retain and regurgitate information (which is just knowledge or ‘crystallized’ intelligence). This can be improved however simply by training your brain in the same way you might train a muscle, and studies into brain plasticity show that you can actually increase the size of your brain by using it regularly and in the right way. Things like playing chess, practicing maths or learning to play an instrument can all help to raise your IQ, as can simply practicing IQ tests.


About the Author: Thomas Bird is a dentist by profession. He finds many customers coming up to him dissatisfied with the way their teeth look and very often he needs to get his act together to console his patients. Also the fact that he is one of the few dentist’s who specialize in fitting invisible braces in Perth makes him all the more popular.

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