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Why Do You Usually Gain Weight Over Holidays?

holiday weight gainHolidays have a lot of cultural traditions. You may have any experiences with last minute shopping, family members sitting at the table together, arranging some plans to get together, and many more. There are a lot of people complaining about their unseen weight gain. In fact, the weight gain is not actually unseen. In most cases, this condition is predicted, expected and also anticipated. There are many reasons why people tend to gain weight during holidays. In this article, you can read some reasons why you may gain weight over holidays.

1. Consider the holidays as the “cheat day”

There is a common concept in diets saying that you have to limit any foods, such as sauces, fats, starches, or gravies. Those food ingredients are not good for your diets because they are able to increase your weight very quickly. In most cases, people usually consider their holidays as the cheat days. It means that they are able to consume anything. They do not have to limit any food ingredients in their menu. Because of that reason, you may gain weight easily during your holidays.

2. Holiday is the time to celebrate food religiously

Many people also consider holidays as the perfect time to celebrate food. There are many religions in the world that use food as the main focus in their celebrations. Food is claimed as the reward in many traditions. Because of that reason, there are many civilized countries have serious obesity problems. They tend to correlate the holidays with foods. In the United States, there is a popular holiday called as Thanksgiving day. People usually celebrate this day with their lovely family by consuming a lot of foods. This fact shows the reason why people tend to gain weight over holidays.

3. The way we celebrate ourselves during holidays

This is another reason why you gain weight during the holiday season. We tend to celebrate your holidays with your friends, for example during Black Friday. At this event, we are not afraid to stand in line for getting the latest gadgets and biggest deals. Most of us tend to consume any foods while we stand in line during this event. Because of that reason, we tend to increase weight during the holiday seasons. If you want to stay slim during your holiday, you should avoid attending any holiday events in your area. An event is a perfect place to have a party and forget about your diet program. When you attend any holiday events, you tend to forget about your diet programs and gain weight easily.

Those are some reasons why you can gain weight during any holiday seasons. It is very important for you to understand that holiday is just similar to the other days. If you are committed enough to keep your body slim, you should be consistent with your commitment. You still have to limit what you are consuming during the holidays. Some doctors believe that you are going to have obesity problems, especially if you do not have any controls to limit your food intake during your holidays.

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