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Exercises And Sports That Are Not Good For Your Body

Exercises that cause injury

Engaging in sports and exercise is often the cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle, but some enthusiasts may not realize that there are various physical activities in sports or even at the gym that could be potentially damaging to the body. Those that engage in athletic activities may even need to find men’s or Women’s Rehab specialist in the future for serious issues involving long-term ailments, bodily injuries, and even psychological issues. Luckily, a little foresight will often go a long way and here is a look at common sports and exercises that could damage the body.


The extended use of any select muscles could damage the body and this is especially true of anyone that has been running consistently for any period of time. While running does provide a number of health benefits, it puts an immense amount of strain on joints and muscles ranging from knees and ankles to calves and hamstrings. Without the proper equipment, stretching, and professional medical attention, running could permanently damage a number of body parts.

Squats with Deep Knee Bends

Movements that require heavier weights are often at the top of any list that involves potentially-dangerous exercises. Squats are much like running in the fact that they offer unique health benefits, but this movement should never be combined with deep knee bends that could over-extend one’s pelvis. Deep knee bends require a unique movement that will almost always bring the lower back out of alignment. Along with the heavier weights that are often involved with squats, this greatly increases the chance of a serious back injury, even for those using perfect form.


Very few organized sports register as many injuries per player as American football. While it is a beloved pastime, modern research shows that nearly a quarter million emergency room visits take place every year due to this sport just for children under 14 years of age. When both high school and college are included, these numbers quickly rise. Injuries also take place with adults and those engaging in recreational football may require a Women’s Rehab or Men’s Rehab specialist due to concussions, tears, sprains, and broken bones.

Outdoor Activities

One potential danger of many sports that very few consider is damage to their skin from the sun. Games, matches, and practice every single week may expose the athletes to the sun for hours on end, increasing their chance of skin damage and even skin cancer if the proper preventative steps are not taken.

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