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Getting Your Kids Pumped About Healthy Living

Healthy eating for kidsLiving a healthy lifestyle for adults is tough enough as it is, but encouraging your kids to put down the potato chips and video games is a whole other endeavor. From making healthy diet choices to staying active, instilling strong habits within your children at a young age will only better prepare them for the future. Whatever age your kids are, there are numerous ways to get them pumped up about living a healthier lifestyle.

Parenting comes with numerous things including all of the fads that other parents introduce to you. Although organic food and green living could be viewed as trendy, there are more perks than faults to this fad.

Organic Food

Incorporating organic food into your children’s diet doesn’t have to be all green smoothies and vegan burgers, in fact it just simply means making small steps like: buying grass fed meat instead of meat that is injected with mass amounts of hormones, and eating organic fruits and vegetables. Teach your children that organic foods can also be fun; for example, make fruit cakes or fruit cupcakes in which children can make funny faces out of cake toppings with things such as fresh fruit and powdered sugar.


One of the biggest misconceptions that people typically have with their food is that they have to finish their entire plates, but understanding that it is in fact okay to leave some food on your plate will help save your body extra calories and in turn, extra gained weight. Teach your kids to serve themselves small portions and that if they are full, it’s okay to leave your plate.

Relationships with Food

Learning where your food comes from, how to prepare it, and the different tastes associated with it is a great way for kids to gain a healthy relationship with their food. Kids who understand how to properly prepare their foods and the origin of where they come from, will help them gain a healthy relationship and understanding of their food. Many children and adults who suffer from eating disorders such as anorexia or over-eating, are encouraged to inherit these same habits with their foods in order to lose unhealthy habits.


Teaching our kids to exercise doesn’t have to start and end with team sports such as basketball and soccer. In fact, teaching them small habits such as riding their bike to the store instead of driving or going on frequent family hikes instead of the movies, will prepare them for a healthier adulthood. Leading through example, is undoubtedly another great way to encourage active lifestyles for our children; if they see you working out on a consistent basis, they are more likely to strive for that same lifestyle.