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How to Get Back in Shape: Scoring a Fitness Comeback

Get Back in ShapeFalling off the training wagon is doomed to happen, one time or the other. The real trick here is learning how to get back with ease and efficiency. Every fitness enthusiast—from the elite to the recreational—are guilty of this. Lack of time, injury, boredom and other unwelcomed factors can take their toll on your training program, forcing you to exercise for less and less until your workouts are just a distant memory.

Therefore, if you’re really looking to get back in shape (and stay in shape), here is what you need to do.

Set goals

Goals are the incentives that will help you get back on the exercise wagon. They give you a reason to get back into training. They could be losing a certain amount of pounds, breaking a personal record, or even competing in a particular sport. If you’ve been setting goals in before, then you’ll know that just writing them down is not enough. To achieve your goals, you need resolution and a strong will. However, you can boost your chances of sticking with your goals by setting up the right environment where you’re confident that success will follow. You can do this by finding out what motivates to get things done whether it’s self-rewarding, committing yourself into training gym, using the buddy system or any other tool.

Build gradually

This rule still applies whether you’re a seasonal marathon runner or just a fitness newbie. After months, or just week off the training field, the human body tends to lose the physiological adaptations due to previous training load. Therefore, to start off the exercise engines right, you need to adopt a beginners’ approach; otherwise you’re risking injury, even burnout.

Restart your training with two easy workouts per week and gradually add time and intensity to your workouts. Don’t make it too hard on yourself in the early days. Otherwise you’re risking losing the initial momentum, thus compromising your new fitness efforts.

Build a habit

Humans are creatures of habits, we tend to repeat the same physical and mental patterns from one day to the next. Therefore, to stick to your new fitness resolution, you need to turn it into a habit as well. According to Tony Schwartz, a productivity and performance guru, habits are created by sticking to the same routine—also known as ritual— for four interrupted weeks.

As a result, do your best this time to keep your fitness engines running, non-stop, for  at least a month. After that, your new resolution will be ingrained into your subconscious mind, making  long term consistency an achievable feat.

Be open to change

One of the main reasons of falling off the training wagon is boredom. Repeat the same training routine month after month and boredom is bound to set foot on your workouts. And what worked in the past wont necessarily still work for you to this day. You need to be smart with your training approach. If you gut stuck in a training rut, then expect to come up with all the excuses you can imagine to skip a workout.

Therefore, make sure to vary your training approach this time. Unless you’re training for a specific sport, try to address all facets of your fitness—endurance, strength and flexibility. Doing so will get you doing different things on different days, thus avoiding boredom. Surprise yourself and don’t be so rigid with your training approach; otherwise you’ll get stuck in your own ways.

Don’t be an Idealist

Exercising regularly is one of the best ways to tame the beast of stress. But, sometimes, when you start over thinking your training program, and being a perfectionist about it, your training program becomes the main source of discontent in your life. Therefore, you lose the incentive to exercise. No body loves doing something they hate.

Therefore, make sure to avoid the trap of perfectionism at all costs. Instead of worrying about losing weight or getting a ripped midsection, set performance goals. Strive to be better athlete. Not just another skinny guy or gal. Yes it always pays off when you have the body of your dreams. But obsessing over every tiny detail of your diet and training is the surest way to invite stress into your life. avoid it.

Author Bio: David Dack is fitness enthusiast. His website  WeightLossTriumph focuses on the joys of eating whole foods and the importance of caring for ourselves in a holistic way – mind, body and soul. David enjoys researching the latest and most effective ways to achieve your fitness goals—all based on solid science, not myths and misinformation.

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