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Medical Cannabis: Here’s What You Need To Know

medical cannabisMedical cannabis relates to specific sections of the cannabis plant, used as herbal therapy. Most people may not know this, but the cannabis plant has been used for medicinal purposes dating back thousands of years, more specifically, 2737 BC. It is mostly ingrained in the traditional Chinese medical culture, and prescribed for a wide range variety of ailments.

Medical Cannabis: Legal or Not?

Medical cannabis is not legal in most parts of the world. However, public opinion has been recently swinging in favor of using this plant for medicinal purposes, including here in the USA. Needless to say that it’s a touchy topic that is being debated now more than ever before. So again, while ingesting cannabis for recreational purposes if plain illegal, many countries are now starting to legalize its usage, for medicinal purposes. These countries include (but not limited), to: Canada, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, Czech Republic, Italy, Portugal, Finland, Israel, and the United States.

How to Use it

There are many ways of administering medical cannabis. They include, vaporizing (or smoking dried buds), drinking it, taking capsules of it, or eating the cannabis plant’s extracts. Each of these methods has different degrees of efficacy.

Clinical Applications of Medical Cannabis

Research has established that medical cannabis could be used in the treatment of several ailments including vomiting, nausea, insomnia, lack of appetite, and even to combat weight gain. Medical cannabis has also been found to relieve symptoms of MS (or multiple sclerosis), and ease pain from spinal cord injuries.

Is Medical Cannabis Safe?

Though people still debate the safety of medical cannabis, there are no published cases of death from cannabis poisoning. However, there has been reported cases of occasional stroke, infarction, or other cardiovascular side effects, though very limited in young people. On the other hand, marijuana use by older folks, especially those with some level of coronary heart disease, can expose them to greater risks.

Medical Cannabis as Pain Relief

The use of medical cannabis as pain relief has been the topic of many studies. Doctors from the University of Oxford have determined that the brain showed reduced response to pain when the body has a certain level of cannabis. However cannabis did not block the sensation of pain altogether.

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