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Wonderful Hairstyles That Will Never Go out of Style.”

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We have come a long way in terms of fashion evolution. With the turn of the century, the whole perception has changed. However, you can still sport the old era hairstyles, and make it stand out. Just a twist to the old tale and you can come up with something exclusive and make heads turn. To begin with, the foremost difference lies between the hair styling techniques. From being asked to restrict shampooing to at most once in two or three weeks in the early 1900s to the advent of blow drying techniques in the 1970s to hair conditioners, chemical straightening, rebonding, hair spa and what not in the new millennium, we really have been through a lot. We trace through the century the elements of hair types.

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1920-50s: Bob cut was the trend, women cutting their hair shorter than ever before. It’s still a favorite today, with everyone from the girl-next-door to the over ambitious CEO to the experimenting celebrities, everyone styling it.During 1930’s, feminism returned with curls and waves being the rage. Some had soft waves close to the face; others arranged had theirs in tight pin curls. Hats, Snoods and other hair accessories became popular. A spin-off was pin curling the back and waving the front. Women slept with rollers in their hair. It is still a red carpet favorite. 1950s saw short well styled hair. Short, tight curls which were known as ‘short bangs’ were very popular. The poodle hairstyle, where the hair is permed into tight curls was popular. Also became famous was dying of hair, everyone wanted the blonde look.


1960-80s: The period saw ‘big’ hair. 60s was the era of bouffant and beehives, a return of 18th century styles, with hair on top of head being raised. Short pixie crops also co-existed. Ladies still used rollers, to add volume. In the present generation, we saw Amy Winehouse with larger than ever beehives and bringing the trend back. 70s was the retro decade, with a lot of disco even in the hair. It was long, less structured with a lot of layers. Feathered layers were very popular, be it men or women. Come 1980sit was all about the tousled, aerosol-can sprayed look and there was no such idea as hair was too big. The ‘big’ hair can still be sported in style. Prom, mixers or a gallery opening, you can stylishly pull it off wearing a gown and dressed immaculately.

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1990s: In the1990s, women’s hair changed to straight and smooth. The pixie cut and Rachel haircut, inspired by Jennifer Aniston in Friends became fashionable. Straight hair was coupled with a short fringe cut just above the eyebrows. Hair dying was back in fashion again. Bangs remained popular. Menhad curtained hair or small ponytails or side-partings. Later spiky hair and crew cuts  became popular among professional men.


Vintage hair is revisited through high profile fashion shoots, advertising and fashion shows. Hairstyles are often familiar as to belong to certain era. We have adapted and gathered inspiration; and we have been constantly reinventing how we style our hair modifying the old hairstyles.

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