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Seven Reasons Why Triathlon is The Perfect Fitness Workout

triathlon trainingTriathlons are a fun way to get in shape and also have a good workout at the same time. Triathlons run all over the country and throughout different times of the year. Many athletes participate in this event and get the best they can out of their workout. Triathlons include a multiple workout which consists of cardio, endurance, and strength. There are 7 main reasons why you should really consider making a triathlon part of your routine for the perfect fitness workout.

Weight Loss

Triathlons promote weight loss. It is not uncommon to lose a lot of weight loss when participating in a workout such as a triathlon. You are combining a three part workout into your routine including walking or running, cycling, and swimming. These activities help you to burn fat and shed the pounds.

More Energy

We all could use some more energy and we tend to lack the energy that we used to have. As we settle into our lives and get accustom to the work and sleep schedule, we do not always find time to go workout. This leads to a lethargic lifestyle and we lose energy by not being active. A triathlon promotes activity and helps you to become active again. By getting you active again, a triathlon will boost your energy levels and you will feel better.

Improves Your Mood

Triathlons are known to improve your mood. The fitness part of the triathlon gets hormones flowing in your body which help to boost your attitude and give you an overall boost in your mood. When we are less active we can be moody. Workouts help to pump up that spirit inside and really get your juices flowing and produce a happier you in the end.

Train Multiple Areas

A triathlon is not dedicated to training and working out just one particular area. You are receiving a full body fitness workout and this is what makes it the perfect workout. You are training in the areas of cardio, strength, and endurance. You are training all of these different areas at the same time and getting the most out of your workout.

Improve Health

A triathlon will help you improve your overall health. You will be rewarded with a better general health and it will also help increase and promote better blood flow throughout your body. Your heart will become trained and function properly and you will be able to breathe better because your lungs will become trained as well.

Help Prevent Injuries

A multiple workout such as a triathlon is beneficial to helping prevent workout injury. You are training the different parts of your body and in return they are strengthening. By strengthening, you are less likely to injure yourself while working out.

Body Image

A lot of people struggle with body image and a triathlon is a good way to boost your confidence and improve your overall body image. You are working out all of your major muscle groups which results in a tone body and a healthier looking you.

A triathlon is a great way to have the perfect fitness workout because you are working out major muscle groups and also performing three different types of a workout in one. A triathlon also provides you with different scenery so you are not looking at the same gym walls and floors every day. To make sure you are completely ready for your next triathlons consider visiting my triathlon gear Eureka Cycle Sports website:

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