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How to Stay Motivated in a Fitness Slump

fitness slumpIt’s inarguable that while getting fit is a great goal, sticking with the plan can take some gumption. As the typical person progresses through their workout regimen, it’s common to occasionally hit a plateau while trying to achieve your weight loss or fitness goal.

There’s no need to fret if you’re not seeing results at the same rate that you used to. As our bodies become more accustomed to the demands we place on them, the dramatic improvements typically seen at the first stages of eating clean and working out become less apparent. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t still improvements to be made.

Hitting plateaus can be discouraging. However, keeping up with your plan is important not just for your physical fitness but also for the psychological momentum you’ve gained. Staying in the proper mindset is just as important as keeping up with your workout plan.

Dealing with a Pause in Improvement

As far as exercise motivation goes, it can be very frustrating to see the scales staying stuck in the same place when you have been putting all your willpower into getting healthier. Don’t give up: this is very normal. The skills and resources you have already acquired during your fitness journey will help you to regain momentum and get back in action.

Having clear goals for where you want to be and visions of your eventual success can help in keeping you on track throughout a plateau. Picture yourself confident on the dance floor at your next big event and apply that image to your everyday habits to stay motivated even when progress seems difficult.

If you’re having trouble with one particular area, sometimes resolving to stick with one good habit can jump-start your motivation for another related one. For example, resolving to read books from different cultures may lead you to experimenting in the kitchen with multicultural cookbooks to create more diverse, wholesome meals for your family. Deciding to switch from tobacco cigarettes to ecigs can help improve your oxygen intake and thus your running endurance.

Looking For Outside Help

So you have been doing great staying motivated and responsible, but the personal methods that have been working for you have lost their effectiveness. Now what? It may be time to enlist some outside help.

A good physical trainer will help you build a routine that does not simply target your weak areas in need of improvement but also makes your time at the gym fun. He or can choose to change it up with assorted techniques from Pilates, yoga or weightlifting, among others.

Getting Back In The Saddle

While these periods of stagnation can and do occur while you are maintaining the same diet and activity level as before, backsliding may cause them as well. Take a hard look at your regimen and make the decision as to whether you have been too lenient on yourself.

No matter what the cause or length of your fitness plateau, there’s still hope for meeting your fitness goals. Getting back on track is harder the longer you put it off, so stay motivated and plow through the plateau like a champion.

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