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Think Your Way to Better Health: 8 Physical Benefits of Positive Thinking

Power of positive thinkingThe concept that positive thinking can improve our lives is not a new one. “A positive attitude can go a long way towards improving our lives,” says author Michael Myles. The improvement is not just a mental one though. Positive thinking can actually have tangible, physical health benefits to offer its practitioners. Here is a look at eight great physical benefits of positive thinking.

1. Increased Lifespan

Research has shown that people who practice positive thinking on a regular basis have longer average lifespans than those who don’t. This should be all the incentive anyone needs to start thinking some positive thoughts immediately.

2. Lower Rates of Depression

Mental health practitioners are always stressing to their clients the benefits that positive thinking can have on their overall mental outlook. Positive thinking has been shown to be particularly effective in combating depression. It is crucial for us to find the silver lining whenever we are faced with a negative experience. This amazing ability of positive thinking was the focus of the recent Hollywood film Silver Linings Playbook. Click here to learn more about how to avoid depressive thoughts through creating your own silver linings playbook.

3. Lower Levels of Distress

When something bad happens, positive thinking is a great way to make it seem less critical. This makes it easier for people to handle even the toughest situations.

4. Resistance to the Common Cold

Amazingly enough, people who regularly use positive thinking even have a greater resistance to the common cold. The strength of positive thinking will boost the immune system and allow people to fight off the virus that causes the common cold.

5. Reduced Risk of Death from Heart Disease

Research has shown that those who use positive thinking when they are faced with heart disease are less likely to die from it than those who fail to use positive thinking. This is a tremendous tool that give hope to all those with cardiovascular problems.

6. Better Coping Skills

When a crisis occurs, many people panic and are unable to face it. If a person uses positive thinking, they are much more likely to take any crisis in stride. This will allow them to make calm decisions that help to end the crisis.

7. Boost the Immune System

Positive thinking has been shown to boost the immune system, which helps to protect people from disease.

8. Better Psychological Well-Being

It probably goes without saying, but those who use positive thinking have much healthier psychological outlooks than those who don’t. Positive thinking actually boosts the level of feel-good neurotransmitters in the brain, making people feel mentally well.

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