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Tips for Healthy Weight Loss Meal Planning

Meal PlanningTo lose weight, you should eat a diet which is not only calorie controlled but also healthy and balanced. One main tip you need to keep in mind is to avoid junk food. Though this sounds quite difficult, once you start avoiding it, you get used to it. Though many people know how exactly to lose weight, there are still myths running around. So many of us think that all we need to do to become slim is to have a good chef and a dietician to guide us in our food choices. If this was the case, then the whole world would contain people who are slimmer and healthier. You need to properly plan and, after planning, you should stick on to it. Here are some tips for healthy weight loss meal planning.

Write a weekly menu

You have to write a menu every week. If you wish, you can follow the same menu every week. When you write one, you need to be wise and careful. When you shop at some store or farm shop, you will most likely buy fruits and vegetables that will be in season or, sometimes, whatever the store has a discount on. But, you can still plan your meals and all you need to consider is whether they help you in being flexible. It is a good initiative to write down your menu before you go to any farm house or store.

Learn to Cook

You know that preparing weight loss meals is a really simple task. But, many are put off by the thought of more effort. You don’t need to take much effort while you cook. There are many quick and easy meals like soups, omelets, curries, basic meat, vegetable dishes, casseroles, stews and fish. They do not need any pre-planning or effort. They also save much time. In case you are still shy about cooking, it is best if you would join some beginner’s cookery course. You could also ask one of your friends who is good at cooking for some help.

Make Extra

In case you are preparing your meal, you could prepare a little more of it. By doing so, you can have it as lunch for the following day. For example, a chili takes only fifteen minutes to be prepped and just half an hour to cook. And, making 3 or 4 portions of the same will not take you thrice the time. It might require about some extra five minutes for both prepping and cooking. So, that is four meals prepared within an hour. Well, look at the time you saved. Now you can save it for the next day.

Keep a Food Diary

You may laugh at it, but, maintaining a food diary helps you a lot. As you will write down all the food you consume each day, it helps you to be honest about what you eat. As a result, guilt will see to it that you do not trip off on junk food.

Shop smart

You should always shop on the same day and at the same time every week when you are on a diet. By doing so, you can maintain healthy habits and it also ensures your supply of good for a week. It would do well if you would write a list of all the food items you require for a week. Then, if you need, you can also add some bits to it depending on how necessary it is. The best tip for shopping is to shop at some farms or local stores. You will more likely get discounts and also good produce.

Find healthy restaurants

At some times, you will be really running out of time. In such cases, you won’t wish to cook food and will also forget about being healthy. But, you have to control your urge to step off from your diet plan. For this, you need to prepare a list of all the hotels and restaurants near your house which can guarantee good, healthy and diet friendly food. For healthy meals, steak houses and Italian restaurants would do well. If you are too attracted to fast food, then, you could go for a grilled chicken salad or a wholegrain sandwich.

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