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What is it That Makes Tom Cruise Attractive To Women (And How You Can Get Some Of That For Yourself)

When it comes to good looking celebrities like Tom Cruise, most guys have mixed feelings. On the one hand we enjoy watching these guys look good on the silver screen shooting bad guys and pulling women, but at the same time we’re also kind of envious of them. And maybe resentful? These guys were born with perfect looks, they date people like Nicole Kidman (and marry them) and they get away with the cookiest behavior that the rest of us would probably get locked up for. Wouldn’t life just be easier if we were born like that? If we were born looking like Tom Cruise, wouldn’t we be able to get any woman we flashed a smile at? And wouldn’t we look brilliant in a suit at work? And get the best jobs?

Maybe, maybe not, but it’s probably fair to assume that life certainly wouldn’t be any harder if we looked like Ethan Hunt. So what is it that gives him that star quality? And can we emulate it? Well it certainly isn’t his height…


Symmetry is one of the things that we look for unconsciously when we decide whether we find a face attractive or not. If someone looks symmetrical then this sends a signal that their cells have probably been able to split effectively via mitosis with minimal errors or mutations (cells reproduce by splitting in half and creating a hopefully identical copyfor those who have forgotten their high school science). In other words then, a symmetrical face communicates genetic health, which women look for in order to secure healthy genetic code for their children. Studies have actually shown that Tom Cruise, and many other celebrities that are considered good looking, have particularly symmetrical faces which may explain a lot of their global appeal.

Now if you were born asymmetrical there’s not much you can do about it, but hiding blemishes with a good skin care regime, straightening your teeth and keeping them clean, and maintaining even facial hair and an even hairstyle can all help you to appear more like a genetic jackpot.


Tom Cruise has a great smile filled with white teeth and this again suggests health as it implies he eats a good diet and gets enough calcium. At the same time though a good smile will also convey success and wealth – partly because we are now so used to looking at pictures of celebrities with dashing smiles which has created an unconscious association.

Of course using cosmetic dentistry you can give yourself the smile that we associate with success, but you also need to work on selling that smile by making it look genuine and confident. If you can smile fully you’ll look like you’re on top of the world and that’s charming and desirable. Make sure it reaches your eyes – you’ll notice that Tom Cruise’s eyes crinkle a little in the corners when he smiles which makes him look genuine.


The other appeal of a great smile is that it makes Cruise look charismatic which he backs up with his behavior. If you can speak with confidence and in such a way that you manage to charm everyone in the room, then you’ll again be sending the unconscious sign that you’re a great catch and high in status.

Another way to make yourself seem more charismatic is to use bigger gesticulations as you talk. Use big body language and move around and you’ll seem more enthusiastic about whatever you’re discussing. That in turn will then make others more enthusiastic about what you’re saying and they’ll be more likely to fall under your spell – just try to avoid jumping on any couches.

Jaw Line

Tom Cruise has a great jaw line for a guy and this is something that makes him leading guy material. A strong jaw suggests high testosterone levels and this in turn is correlated with high aggression, drive and fertility. Other signs of high testosterone include facial hair (designer stubble then can serve you well), a heavy set brow and a muscular physique. Losing some weight will also help you to lose that double chin, so going to the gym can help improve your face as well as your body and is one of the best ways to increase your confidence (and thus your charisma) too.

Of course most of this only works for guys. If you’re reading this as a woman, then no: designer stubble, a heavy set brow and muscular physique will not help you to attract guys…

About the Author: The author of this post, Matthew Long, practices cosmetic dentistry in Perth and has a keen interest in writing on various cosmetic procedures for teeth. He resorts to guest blogging to share his thoughts on it.

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