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10 Fundraising Tips To Raise Money For Medical Bills

Raising moneyNot all families have millions to spare; some families need help with their medical bills. If you’re planning to raise funds for a family member or a friend, read our 10 tips. We promise you, it’ll make a huge difference to the success of your campaign.

1. Build a Team

You cannot manage effective fundraising on your own. Start with your immediate family, and a few people from your friends’ circle. With a team, you can get across to 5 times as many potential donors for your cause.

2. Make The First Donation

Make the first donation yourself, and begin the momentum. Put in as much as you can; this demonstrates to people that this cause is very important to you. Plus, if you begin with a large donation, the next person will be forced to follow suit.

3. Get Your Inner Circle To Donate

After your first donation, appeal to your close family and friends to do matching donations, to grow your donor list. When others see the donor list on your site, they’ll know what the average donation size is, and donate accordingly.

4. Spread Your Donation Circle

Next, reach out to your closest group of friends – for example, college, high school, office friends, and community friends and so on. Explain to them why you’re raising funds. Keep this 1:1 approach until a considerable number of people have donated.

5. Reach Out On Social Media

Now you’re ready to go public, who will perceive the momentum behind your fundraiser from the funds you’ve already received. Set up a group on Facebook, assign some friends as group administrators and get everyone’s friends on board.

6. Keep At It

Send out regular updates on your loved one’s health status and progress, including doctor’s recommendations, medical bills, social life updates and so on. Thank donors personally; keep asking till people donate. Don’t let a day pass without informing, following up and thanking them.

7. Approach Fund-Raising Charities

There are several companies that hold fundraising charities to help individuals raising money for medical bills. Approach them with your cause, but only after you’ve exhausted inner and outer circle of friends and have started your social media campaign. You need to show the charity you’re capable.

8. Run A Matching Donation Campaign

One successful method is to set a deadline for a certain amount on Facebook, to raise X amount of money. Put up a status that if the X amount is reached by that date, a generous donor will match the amount. People get inspired by such drives, and you will see good results.

9. Hold Raffles

Consider holding raffles at community centers and your local church. Offer the chance to win a prize to motivate people. You can hold online raffles as well, through your blog, Facebook and other networking sites, and put up prizes for the winners.

10. Set Up Facebook Awareness Campaign

Ask people to donate their Facebook status message for 24 hours to the name of your cause. The status should mention your cause, along with a link where people can donate. Many strangers around the globe will see the status message, and might feel inclined to donate.

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