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4 Addictions That are Keeping You from Being Fit

how to get fitThe world is full of obstacles that seem to have no purpose other than keeping otherwise good people from getting fit. Whether it’s countless amounts of awesome programming on TV or another bottle of microbrewery deliciousness, pleasurable addictions ensure that we pack on the pounds and stay away from the gym. We’ve listed four addictions that are particularly insidious when it comes to getting in shape.

Eating Out

Fewer and fewer people are learning to cook and make meals for themselves at home. As a result, more of us are going out to restaurants or picking up fast food in our everyday lives. Not only is eating out convenient, it also tends to be very high in calories. No matter how much you go to gym, it’s nearly impossible to work off a cheeseburger that’s worth 1,000 calories or a dinner plate worth twice as much.

Great Television

As mammals, humans already have the tendency to want to lay around and do nothing. Unfortunately, television has compounded that desire into one of modern society’s greatest addictions. Every minute we spend on the couch watching television and snacking is another minute we’re not working out muscles and getting in shape. There’s nothing wrong with spending a few hours being entertained, but some of us have addictions to TV that destroy all hope of ever becoming skinny and fit.

The Lure of the Internet

Have you ever started to read a page of Wikipedia or watch a Youtube video only to find yourself staring at the screen hours later wondering where the time went? If so, you’re one of many people with some form of addiction to the Internet. Why watch squirrels run up trees and birds fly through the air in real life when you can just watch videos of grizzly bears fighting and cute kitten videos. Of course, sitting in that chair won’t burn any calories, but watching endless content sure is fun, and addicting. You can find out more from this article.

Drinking and More Drinking

There’s nothing quite like drinking a few beers or a shot of whiskey after a hard day of work. Unfortunately, alcohol is one of the biggest enemies of fitness. Alcohol has multiple methods for attacking our ability to stay fit. It increases appetite and impairs judgement of portion size. It creates hangovers that prevent us from going to the gym or exercising. It also contains calories in itself, calories that provide next to no nutritional benefit but are great for packing on the pounds.

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