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5 Must-Knows for Getting the Right Workout Clothes in the Summer

summer workout clothesWorking out in the summer can actually be fun, but only if you’ve got the right clothes on. With attention to a few small details you can be sure to exercise in total comfort, staying cool and comfortable even in the heat and humidity of summer’s warm weather. When you’re looking for summer workout clothes, keep the following five tips in mind to find the perfect apparel no matter what your workout calls for.

Select Comfortable Clothing

Try on workout apparel when you’re shopping, and make sure the items are made of soft fabric that doesn’t irritate your skin. The fit of the apparel should allow you to move without rubbing or constricting your movements. Look for items with a low percentage of spandex in the material because the more spandex, the more restrictive the clothing will be when you’re trying to move around.

Select Material with Wicking Ability

Wicking ability is the ability to draw sweat and away from your body to keep you comfortable. Materials with wicking ability tend to be made of a blend of lycra and polyester, although there are some other high performance synthetic materials that produce a wicking effect. It is important to find clothes with a wicking ability in the summer because they are draw perspiration away from your body and help to keep you cool.

Look for Innovative Features

There are many new and improved features thanks to innovative technology in the clothing industry. Look for added features like glow-in-the-dark apparel for exercising outdoors at night, pockets for holding electronic devices, anti-microbial treatments to fight odor, and zippered pockets for storing keys and other small items.

Find the Right Size

Finding fitness apparel that fits you properly and plays up your favorite features will help you feel good both mentally and physically while you’re working out. If you feel good, you’ll be much more likely to stick to your fitness routine and continue to exercise. Get a cool look for this summer in a size that makes you feel good about yourself.

Wear Activity Appropriate Clothing

Select clothing that is appropriate for the exercise activities you are planning to do. If you run outdoors, you will probably want to select apparel that protects you from the sun. If you go cycling, you will want to avoid flowing bottoms that could get in the way of your lower body. If you do yoga, you’ll want to avoid flowing tops that will get in the way when you’re doing floor poses.

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