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5 Steps to Going Organic on a Budget

eating-organicHave you been trying to increase you intake of organic food lately? Perhaps the only thing holding you back is the fear of the possible extra costs associated with eating organic? If you are afraid you would need a second job just to fuel your organic food ambitions, we are here to tell you quite the opposite. Eating organic on a budget is not a myth; in fact, it’s completely doable. Here are some of the things you should do to ensure you do not break the bank over your organic food habits.

Go Generic

Almost all major supermarket chain stores now have their own line of USDA certified organic food. They are generally private label brands, but they work just fine, and best of all, are cheaper than their branded counterparts.

Buy the Entire Bird

Did you know that you could save by buying the entire organic chicken than buying the pieces of pre-cut chicken separately? Just ask the butcher to cut it up for you. Plus you get to play with the piece in whatever sizes you see fit.

Watch Your Portion Sizes

Speaking of sizes, you must have already noticed that at the regular non-organic meat counter, they generally ask you to estimate 6 to 8 ounces of meat; which is standard practice. Well, you don’t have to get 6 oz of meat per person. Next time you are buying meat, switch to organic and just get 3 ounces. Add plenty of veggies to it, and you will still feel satisfied. And here again, you would have saved money on your organic food.

Skip the Salad

Salads are the number one food item that gets discarded because it spoils pretty quickly. This may surprise you, but a 2007 UK report showed that a whopping 48% of all salad Brits purchased, was discarded. If you are someone who typically throw away spoiled produce, then you can save money by skipping the organic salad, and instead load up on sweet potatoes or frozen broccoli.

Embrace Legumes

You certainly don’t need to be reminded of this, but the fact is meat, fish and poultry are some of the costliest items on your cart. So get in the habit of embracing vegetables. They are cheaper, and they will help you keep lean (and/or lose weight) while improving your health. You get to kill two birds with one stone!

Going organic is not just about meals. It’s everything you come in contact with. Learn to choose wisely; your life depends on it

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